Agora greens


Est. 2016


Ian Brown and David Pendergast founded Agora Greens in the beginning of 2016 and quickly began building a successful business growing fresh produce year-round in Walpole, MA. Using the Leafy Green Machine™, the two grow a variety of lettuces, herbs, and specialty greens for local restaurants, country clubs, and farmers markets.

Ian Brown
David Pendergast


Business Model
Direct to Restaurant
Farmers Markets

Area Served
Walpole, MA

Main Crops
Rex Lettuce
Sparx Romaine
Wildlife Mix




Ian and David have been friends for over a decade, so when David surfaced the topic of Freight Farms in the beginning of 2016, it peaked Ian’s interest. While they both had experience with gardening and starting their own businesses, freight farming was still a new concept to them.

Before the Leafy Green Machine... Ian founded his own landscape design firm in 2002 and grew it into a successful business over the years. David founded a company called Agora Gardens after leaving a 30 year career in investment finance. Agora Gardens designs and builds organic raised bed vegetable gardens for various corporations as an employee benefit. Both Ian and David still run their businesses.

Agora Greens is Ian and David's shared venture. It supplies fresh and local produce to restaurants, country clubs, and farmers markets. David and Ian have been looking into expanding their business and buying additional LGMs to scale operations. They are bringing on new customers and need to ensure they have the volume to scale!

David (left) with Ian (right) inside their 2016 Leafy Green Machine™

David (left) with Ian (right) inside their 2016 Leafy Green Machine™

...In the dead of summer when there is a lot of lettuce, you’re paying $1.50 a head. But in February you’re paying $2.50 a head because you are having it shipped from California, Mexico... you’re not going to have to pay for any of that when you get it from Leafy Green Machine.
— David Pendergast, co-founder, Agora Greens


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Take an in-depth look at Agora Greens in our one hour interview with Ian and David.  We review all of the following and more.

  1. Motivation for getting started
  2. Market Research & Development
  3. Financing the LGM
  4. Finding a site
  5. Farm Camp & Support  
  6. Choosing what to grow

→ Watch the full webinar here


Webinar recap 

We held a webinar with these two Freight Farmers so they could share their journey to launching a small business with the LGM™. We covered everything from market research and financing, to what crops to grow and how to reach new customers. 

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Agora greens q&a

In this blog, we break down the Q&A section of the webinar, A Freight Farmer's Journey: How Agora Greens launched their Small Business with the LGM™. 

During the webinar Q&A, we got quite a few questions for David and Ian at Agora Greens, as well as some for the Freight Farms team. Read the top 14 questions we received!

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Restaurant Partners

Agora Greens has been providing us with some of the freshest, cleanest, and best-tasting lettuces. From a chef’s point of view, the products have a great shelf life and are very easy to work with... the abundant passion and excitement that the Agora team has for their operation is undoubtedly conveyed from cook to diner on every plate.
— Jeremy DiStefano, Executive Chef, Dedham Country & Polo Club





Walpole, Massachusetts