In 2015, we vow to disrupt the food system on a bigger scale and improve access to healthy, fresh, local food for even more people. What is your new year’s resolution?  For many, a new year brings a fresh start, a chance to better themselves; frequently, this means a change in eating habits. At Freight Farms, we are advocates for healthy food year-round, so we wanted to share some tips and tricks to making smaller changes that will actually stick, and not become a thing of the past by the time Groundhog Day rolls around.

The resolution to eat “healthy” could seem a little daunting. Don't fret! Equipped with the right ingredients, recipes, and resources, this one-off new year’s resolution easily becomes a lifelong change. What many don’t realize is that they don’t have to sacrifice taste or say goodbye to their favorite foods.

Start small. Implementing little, healthy changes to each meal adds up. Is your favorite meal a juicy burger, and you just can’t quit it? No worries, me too - but just be open to trying alternatives to that burger, and I bet that you will be pleasantly surprised.  For instance, try a turkey burger instead. Want to add more greens into your meals? Try replacing the bun with some butterhead or bibb lettuce (yes, please - our favorite!). Slight changes to your favorite meals do make a difference.

Make more homemade meals. Cooking isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay - but give it another try. Cooking meals at home enables more control of what ingredients you’re using and this will more often than not result in a healthier meal! Google and YouTube are your new best friends. Search for recipes for some of your favorite meals and watch tutorials - cooking can be pretty foolproof when you have access to the array of technology that 2015 brings us.

Healthy snacking. Hold yourself accountable when snacking. Instead of reaching for those chips or that candy bar, try snacks that will satisfy the same cravings.  Craving something salty? Go for that savory trail mix or nuts. Sweet? Pack some fruit (fresh or dried) or granola. Keeping a variety of healthy snacks within reach will eliminate guilt and the need to buy cheetos from the vending machine when the 3:00pm craving hits.

Try new things. Be open to trying new things.  Experiment with new fruits and vegetables, put new toppings on your salad. Get adventurous - vegetables aren’t the enemy!

Shop local. Your local grocer or farmers market is a phenomenal resource if you haven't already tapped it. Browse your local markets for produce and assorted food products that you can feel good about buying - you will be supporting a local business and confident your food is fresh and doesn't have the extensive carbon footprint of a comparable grocery store purchase. Winter markets have a different selection of fruits and veggies due to the growing season, so don't let that deter you! Your local market vendors are a great resource - don't be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure how to incorporate a specific product into a meal! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on winter farmers markets and CSAs.

Eating better doesn’t require a whole lifestyle overhaul - simple tweaks will be beneficial to your health. Listed below are some of our favorite resources for healthy eating and recipes. Here's to a happy, healthy 2015!

Bon Appetit is a great go-to for recipes anytime, but their "food-lover's cleanse" for 2015 is an awesome resource. Reboot that diet - and love it!

Whole Foods has a great selection of recipes that are broken down into user-friendly categories.

Food52 is another favorite source for recipes - and the beautiful photographs of the food are drool-worthy!

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