When you think about food trends that have swept the nation, kale most likely pops into your mind for its popularity growth over the years. We certainly have no problem with that, especially given its nutritional value and ability to grow very well in the Leafy Green Machine. Many of our freight farmers choose to grow kale for their local markets for those very reasons!

Since it's such a hot topic, we feel the need to share this fun fact: Kale grown in the LGM by our freight farmers is actually very different than the kale on the shelves today at your local grocery store or farmers market.

Here are 3 reasons we’re crazy about Freight Farms Kale:

  1. Leaves are manageable size - The leaves of kale grown inside the Leafy Green Machine are small to medium in size, depending on how often the plant is harvested. The leaves are tender and soft, thus easy to chop up and add to a fresh salad or lightly sauté for a warm meal.

  2. Stems are small and palatable - Most kale you purchase at a market or grocer (unless it is grown exclusively as baby kale) is quite large with a thick fibrous stem. Before tossing in a salad or cooking in a meal, most consumers will want to cut away the stem, adding more processing time to cooking. The stems of kale grown in the LGM are tender enough to eat and don’t need to be removed. Being able to use the entire plant with little to no processing gives customers more usable yield per dollar and reduces end waste!

  3. Consistent quality -  Because hydroponics doesn’t use soil, leaves won’t be damaged by insects or have excess grit on them, so you have a more consistently high-quality product. Kale leaves grown in the LGM just need a quick wash and they’re ready to eat!

The  General Manager of a local b.good  restaurant came to DeLuca Farms to help harvest some of the kale grown in the LGM.

The General Manager of a local b.good restaurant came to DeLuca Farms to help harvest some of the kale grown in the LGM.

Our freight farmer in Boston, Scott DeLuca of DeLuca Farms, only grows and sells kale. You can enjoy it in kale crush smoothies from local b.good restaurants, or find it on the shelves of Formaggio Kitchen in the South end.

Tassinong Farms in Crested Butte is growing baby Toscano kale because of its buttery but crunchy characteristics, and they say its "not tough at all". You can grab a bag of kale grown in these LGMs at Mountain Earth Whole Foods in Colorado!


Is all this talk about kale making you hungry? Us too. Check out this blog post for cooking inspiration, or if you want to start growing kale for your local community, contact us here!

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