You can now try some hydroponic produce from one of our container farms when you order at B.GOOD!

Hydroponic Bibb lettuce is making its debut on the Cousin Oliver burger! Available now at the majority of B.GOOD restaurants in New England.

A Long Time in the Making

Since our inception in 2010, Freight Farms has been looking to bring fresh and local food to communities worldwide. While over the years we have expanded to be a global company, today we come back to our Boston roots and announce–with pride and excitement–that after four years of courting each other, we’re finally making it official with fellow Boston company, B.GOOD!

It only makes sense, right? We’re two Boston-born companies championing local food and stressing the importance of small farms. B.GOOD is always looking for more ways to source locally throughout the year, but with a climate like New England that can be tough. So we came up with a new solution.

A New Way to Source Local

Through the Grown farming service, we collaborated to develop a custom program that would be perfect for both parties. The Freight Farms team is growing fresh greens exclusively for B.GOOD so their restaurant locations can always have access to local, even in the off-season. And the farm is conveniently located right in the city of Boston!

Our program officially began April 10th, 2018, as trucks distributing hydroponic lettuce spread across New England to the majority of B.GOOD locations. Grown by Freight Farms will be supplying B.GOOD with 600-700 heads of hydroponically-grown Bibb lettuce every week. Where can you find it on the menu? This fresh Bibb lettuce is debuting on popular Cousin Oliver sandwich, a staple of the B.GOOD menu.


The hydroponic Bibb lettuce on one of 256 crop columns inside the container farm! We'll be able to harvest 600-700 heads each week, allowing us to supply 18 different B.GOOD locations.

Grown farmer Francesca carefully harvests the lettuce from the crop column. We are able to harvest lettuce with the root bulb still attached, meaning the lettuce head can last extra long! Not that it needs to, it'll be at it's final destination in less than 24 hours.

The Bibb lettuce will find it's way onto the Cousin Oliver burger, a signature sandwich by B.GOOD, available with beef, turkey, chicken, or veggie patties! This isn't your typical lettuce: hydroponically grown produce is crunchy with a distinctly fresh taste.

Shared Values

This partnership highlights both companies’ dedication to their long term brand values. We developed the Grown program with the goal of giving anyone the ability to grow food anywhere. By managing all the farm operations, Grown gives everyone the ability to source local and fresh food anywhere.

B.GOOD’s complementary values revolve around “Food with Roots:” By sourcing sustainably and cooking seasonably, they are able to support their community of farmers and eaters while creating fresh, balanced, and tasty food. Together, Freight Farms and B.GOOD actualize their goals of growing fresh and clean food to feed local communities.

We love when we can get involved in sustainable farming. We have been working with Freight Farms on and off for the last few years and have had a great relationship. We’re excited to be able to source local, sustainable produce year-round from a farm right here in Boston!
— Anthony Ackil, CEO of B.GOOD

Cheers to a new partnership!


And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

Freight Farms CEO, Brad McNamara, with B.GOOD Director of Purchasing, Joe Ackil.

Freight Farms CEO, Brad McNamara, with B.GOOD Director of Purchasing, Joe Ackil.


Look! We made our B.GOOD chalkboard debut. 


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