This summer has seen quite a few exciting developments within our Freight Farms community. We are excited to welcome our first farmers outside of the United States, who recently began getting their operation underway in Canada; another first for Freight Farms was the launch of two farms in one of the world’s largest cities, New York!


This summer’s launch of the two SpringUps freight farms in a bustling New York City neighborhood, Brooklyn, is one golden example of the many urban farming initiatives that are taking major cities across the United States by storm. The two masterminds behind SpringUps, John and Kit, are thrilled to be joining the rapidly-growing, vibrant local food movement in New York City.


It seems fitting that our first international farmers are neighbors to another pair of new farmers - just north of New York in Canada. After a trip across the border, the Smart Greens farm arrived in Cornwall, Ontario earlier this month. SmartGreens founders, Eric & Eric, recognized the tremendous need for urban agriculture in their area and aim to create more widespread access to fresh produce in urban Ontario.

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