LaGrasso Brothers Produce is a wholesale produce distributor that has been operating in the city of Detroit for over 100 years, serving restaurants, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities and more all across Michigan and Northern Ohio. Earlier this fall, the company’s warehouse became home to the first Leafy Green Machine in the state, that is producing fresh greens all year.

It was LaGrasso's commitment to high-quality food and to fulfilling customer's needs that led them to start this bold initiative to grow their own produce right in the city. The company already partners with many local family-owned farms to deliver the freshest and best quality product to customers. However, sourcing locally is often limited by the the various constraints faced by small farmers - volume capabilities or those pesky things we call seasons.

As it turns out, the demand for locally grown produce does not slow down during the seemingly endless winter, which is exactly why LaGrasso Brothers turned to Freight Farms.

We wanted to be able to provide a locally grown fresh produce option to our customers 52 weeks out of the year
— Tom LaGrasso III, COO of LaGrasso Brothers

The company is now growing a baby lettuce blend that is composed of colorful, bold flavored varieties that is sure to make a splash on menus around Detroit.

By growing just outside their warehouse, they have eliminated the need for middlemen and multiple channels of transport, thereby drastically increasing the shelf life, significantly lowering shipping costs, and cutting their carbon footprint immensely.They’re bringing a brand new experience of “farm-to-fork” to Detroit, and we’re psyched to watch them grow.

We'll keep you updated with their progress, and if you want to learn more about the project contact us here!

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