As the focus of this year's Earth Day is Green Cities, it seems particularly appropriate to highlight the efforts of one local public high school in Boston that is spearheading multiple sustainability projects. Boston Latin School is the first and oldest public school in the country, and was selected last summer from a pool of over 450 applicants to receive a Green School Makeover by Global Green USA. The $75,000 grant allowed the school to implement various sustainability initiatives on campus, one of which included installing its very own Freight Farm!

Since being launched in October 2013, the Freight Farm on the school’s campus has been producing locally grown greens… even throughout this brutal Boston winter! Our team has been working closely with the school to train faculty on how to run the system and they are working towards integrating sustainable food production into the curriculum. Until the school finds a way to incorporate the produce into their cafeteria menu, the harvests will continue to be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Last week the school held what they called a

“Sustainability Teach-in”

: a whole day dedicated to teaching students about a number of sustainability projects. This gave students the opportunity to get hands-on learning experience outside the classroom… and into the Freight Farm! Groups of students cycled in and out of the farm on campus, and had the chance to ask Farmer Phil any questions about the system. They learned about everything from food-miles and environmental impacts of farming to water conservation and LED lights. Seeing the operation in person had the students asking when they will be able to run the farm themselves! Soon enough they will be, and it will be used as a tool to teach about hydroponic growing and the economics of food production. Boston Latin is taking farm-to-school to a whole new level!

If you’re interested in reading more about the other sustainability projects at Boston Latin School, here’s a recent article about the completion of the makeover.

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