Learn What We've Been up to since November

A number of exciting things have happened since we launched Freight Farms Europe in November 2016, so we wanted to provide a brief update about all the changes that have taken place in the last eight months at the new office. The Europe team, based in The Hague, Netherlands, was thrilled to receive their very own Leafy Green Machine (LGM) last month. This LGM is fully operational and will be used as a demo farm for Europe-based individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in learning about how to get growing using the Freight Farms platform.

Farm Camp at The Hague

In June, the Freight Farms Boston team traveled to the new office to teach the EU team the ins and outs of the Leafy Green Machine during a two-day Farm Camp. Throughout the visit, the EU team learned how each component inside the LGM works, how to automate the climate controls, and the workflow of seeding, transplanting and harvesting inside the farm. The LGM at their office is now growing Bambi Bibb lettuce, Swiss chard, Mizuna, Butterhead lettuce and Kale, and the EU team can't wait to taste the results!  

Crops aren't the only things growing up in the Hague. Last week, the team placed the LGM on top of two 20-foot containers in order to provide a place for visitors to park their bicycles because in the Netherlands, one out of three people use a bike as their primary method of transportation. As you can see, they're "greening" their office in more ways than one!

Success history

Patrick Stoffer, the first Freight Farmer in the European Union, is growing a wide range of crops in his Leafy Green Machine. Patrick, a graduate student, lives at the Humanitas nursing facility, a volunteer-based organization that provides unique living assistance services for the elderly. The organization offers programming to increase the residents’ quality of life and overall well-being by pairing them with graduate students. In addition to living with his 90-year-old roommate Harrie, Patrick provides the Humanitas residents with his fresh produce from the LGM. Additionally, he sells his leafy greens to restaurants, caterers, and other businesses in the region. 

Get to know the Freight Farms EU Team

Our EU team is made up of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets who share the common vision of producing hyper-local leafy greens and empowering anyone to grow food anywhere, regardless of their climate or farming experience. Get familiar with their faces and roles through our EU Team Page!

Where can you find the Freight Farms EU Team?

Our European office is located in the Netherlands close to Rotterdam, in Bleiswijk. Recently, we opened our office in The Hague, Televisiestraat 2 in the New Farm building where we are producing leafy greens inside our LGM.

If you'd like to get in touch with the Freight Farms Europe team to learn more about the Freight Farms platform, reach out to us here!

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