We’ve got some big news! We’re thrilled to announce Freight Farms is now partnering with Spark Capital, and it couldn’t be a better match. We believe in utilizing design and technology to challenge the status quo while simultaneously inspiring change... and so does Spark!

Here at Freight Farms, our mission is to create a more sustainable and connected food system by providing the tools that enable fresh food production in any environment.  Our farms are already operating in cities across the United States and Canada, creating year-round access to local, fresh produce for restaurants, universities, corporate campuses, hotels, and small businesses.

Our network of farmers brings the vision of our company to life every day. Sure, we make the farms.  But it’s what they do with these farms that makes the real impact. Each one is dedicated to providing fresh, high-quality produce, all while making a positive impact through education and sustainable practices. So what we’re most excited to do with this round of funding is accelerate the research and development of more products that empower and expand our farmer network.  Picture more businesses, communities, and schools growing a more diverse variety of crops in the tightest spaces, harshest climates, and where it’s needed most.

Getting excited?  Us too.

Over the past few years we’ve been at the forefront of this vibrant and rapidly growing food movement, gaining momentum as people become more interested in the story behind the food on their plates. People want to be more involved. Not only do they want healthy, fresh, and sustainably produced food, they also want to know about its journey from farm to table. And that’s the force that has pushed us to continue innovating.

To ensure our customers’ success, we’ve made the Freight Farms system intuitive and cloud-connected, enabling our farmers to seamlessly collect data while harnessing the knowledge base of our farmer network and on-staff Farm Manager. With more farmers in the network, everyone succeeds and more people have access to healthy, fresh food.  As we continue to develop more user-friendly processes at every step of the operation, our customers can completely focus on developing their businesses and empowering their local food networks.

How, you ask?

One of our original customers is a hundred-year-old produce distribution company in the heart of Boston that needed to meet the growing demand for local produce and cut the costs of shipping produce across the globe.  The company saw Freight Farms as a solution to many of its business challenges, and it is now growing a variety of specialty lettuces onsite to sell to surrounding restaurants.

Or take the Marriott Hotel in Concord, New Hampshire. They’re on a mission to become the most sustainable hotel and conference center in New England. In order to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, they're using a freight farm to grow all of their fresh greens right on location. They then relay the story of the produce on to their guests, who are interested in sustainability.

As a company that values good food, we’re eager to continue enabling others who are equally passionate.

We’re honored to be the newest member of Spark Capital’s extensive portfolio of creative leaders and innovators. As this firm is known to partner with imaginative entrepreneurs who are driven to move people with the products and experiences they create, we couldn’t be more excited that Spark not only believes in the long term vision we hold for the Freight Farms, but also shares the same values that helped form our vision.

Cheers to a bright future!

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