Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday dedicated to good food and giving thanks. Here at Freight Farms, we’re all about good food...and this year we’ve got a lot to be thankful for! Over the past 12 months, we’ve experienced incredible growth, none of which would be possible without the dedication of our freight farmers and the support of our greater network and community.

The vision of Freight Farms is being brought to life by our customers every day. Each one is dedicated to providing their communities with fresh, high-quality produce, all while making a positive impact through education and sustainable practices. Watching their progress and success has been incredibly rewarding, and we’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude by highlighting the achievements of some of our farmers.


Our Brooklyn Freight Farmers, SpringUps, got started just this summer and already announced that they are now up-and-running with Fresh Direct, an online grocery store that makes home deliveries to many states on the East Coast! This motivated team is poised to make a huge impact in the rapidly-growing, vibrant local food movement in New York City. Check out the SpringUps manifesto, Feed Your Mind, Fuel Your Body, Live Your Best Life here.


Operating just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Localize, run by Ryan Sweeney, is the original freight farmer and is now supplying 5 local community-owned co-op grocery stores with fresh, locally-grown basil. Yes, even with Minnesota’s sub-zero weather conditions, Localize is producing year-round. With demand continually rising, there may be expansion plans in the near future.

Corner Stalk

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Corner Stalkis one of a few commercial scale farming operations in the city, and currently holds the record for the number of operating freight farms on one lot! Not only that, but the owners, Shawn and Connie, have helped support and educate the larger community on urban farming and sustainable agriculture even before getting started in 2013.

Corner Stalk Freight Farm
Corner Stalk Freight Farm

Smart Greens

You’ve heard us talk about Smart Greensa lot recently ever since they become our distribution partners in Canada this fall. This partnership ensures our quality of service extends across borders. Not only are they focused on expanding the network, offering training and product support for interested Canadian customers, but they’re farmers themselves! The produce they’ve been growing has been received with excitement from local chefs, restaurants and markets! Stay up to date with them by following their facebook page!

Each of our freight farmers have helped build a strong network across the United States and Canada. They continue to support their communities through education and sustainable agriculture, for which we are incredibly thankful. Keep up the good work!

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