Can you believe it’s already September? Neither can we! It’s a busy month as schools kick-off a new year and the summer growing season comes to a close. To wrap up the week and get everyone excited for the fall season, we’ve pulled together some of our top news stories of the week. Here you’ll get to view a quick Freight Farm video that will be airing this week on Pivot TV, learn about the USDA’s produce pilot that’s bringing fresh produce to schools, and peruse a list of the top American cities for foodies!

Can You Really Grow a Farm in a Shipping Container?

Throughout the whole month of September, Pivot TV is exploring the American Food System by airing mini-documentaries that discuss a range of topics like sustainability, hunger, and industrial farming. To kick off their ‘Food for Thought’ programming, Freight Farms co-founder, Brad McNamara, got in front of the camera to talk about how the company got started and the vision for the future. We’re so excited to have been included and we encourage you to tune in to learn more and also find out how to take action on some of the issues!

USDA Produce Pilot Ready to Take Root in Schools

It’s back-to-school week and this year is starting off strong with the USDA’s new pilot program aimed at bringing more fruits and veggies to school cafeterias. As part of the 2014 Farm Bill, this program is a way to create and expand opportunities for our nation’s F&V producers, while funneling unprocessed, fresh produce into the mouths of the future generation! This pilot is also offering schools the opportunity to expand their use of locally-produced fruits and veggies, which is in high demand according to the Farm to School Census. For states interested in applying to the pilot program, there’s still time! The deadline is September 30, 2014.

The Best American Cities for Foodies

If you’re looking to travel or have a stay-cation in your own city, Conde Nast Traveler has given you a reason to get out there, ranking the top 20 ‘Foodie’ cities across the United States. The competition is fierce, as every city has its own specialities and delicacies which it is known for - so the rankings may surprise you. Each slide on the list offers insight on ‘must-sees’ for each city, as well as general suggestions. The best part of traveling is arguably trying new foods or revisiting old favorites - so this list is the perfect excuse to get eating!

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