This week seems to have flown by - it’s been quite a busy one for the Freight Farms team! To catch you up on what's been happening we've compiled a few articles and noteworthy pieces. The roundup features an array of topics: corporate social responsibility, renewable energy projects, and some Freight Farms in the news.

Freight Farms Survives the 'Shark Tank'; Win's FutureM's Startup Competition 

This week our co-founder, Brad, spoke on two panels here in Boston! The first of which was at INBOUND, a conference right down the street from our office. In MITX’s  version of ‘Shark Tank’, Brad went up against some fierce competition, and came away with the win! We are very proud - but more excited to have been part of such an awesome conference with such enthusiastic and innovative folks. 

Panel on Sustainability Discusses Upcycling Initiatives

The second panel Brad spoke on, hosted by Greenovate Boston, focused on sustainability and upcycling initiatives in the city of Boston. Brad spoke with other entrepreneurs working to reduce waste and create awareness on sustainable recycling habits.

Why Prioritizing Social Responsibility will Strengthen Your Startup

When you think about “doing good” within an organization, contrived images like volunteers picking up trash in a local park will often spring to mind. Many companies are beginning to truly realize the value of social responsibility and are integrating this into their company DNA early on, rather than as an added afterthought. This article outlines four helpful tips on social responsibility integration for startups and is worth the read for young and old startups alike.

USDA Invests $68 Million on Renewable Energy Projects Nationwide

Yesterday, the USDA announced it would be investing a large amount of money in countless renewable energy and energy efficiency projects across the nation. This massive investment will help foster job creation, economic opportunity, and serve as a major step towards a more secure energy future. With this announcement comes another - large investments in solar technologies which will reduce overall energy consumption and cut carbon pollution. These initiatives are welcome strides towards a more sustainable future in the US.

Also - check out this recent NYT piece on what’s going on in Germany on the renewable energy front.

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