As the week winds down, we wanted to share a few articles that piqued our interest.

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Image source: LaptopMag

Mother Nature Network: 'Everyone's a Winner When You Support Local Farmers'

The first week of August was National Farmers Market Week, pushing local markets and CSAs to the forefront of everyone's mind while they are in full swing at the height of the summer growing season. It's common to hear that supporting local farmers is economically beneficial to farmers and the community alike, but actual numbers can be difficult to find. This simple article and accompanying infographic put the numbers on display with no frills, making it easy to see just how beneficial supporting local farmers can be to all parties involved.

The Guardian: ‘Five trends that show corporate responsibility is here to stay’

In today’s ever globalizing world, corporate companies are realizing how crucial social responsibility and environmental stewardship are for long term success. Corporate Social Responsibility has evolved from being reactive damage-control campaigns to integrated business strategies that create positive impacts on communities and the environment. With the Global Sustainability Summit convening in Boston this week, it seems appropriate to share this article on the five trends that show corporate responsibility is here to stay.

Seedstock: ‘Seven Classic, Must-Read Books About The Local Food Movement’

With only a few more weeks until Labor Day is upon us, take advantage of the last few weekends and spend some time outside with a good book. The folks at Seedstock have put together a list of 7 must-reads for anyone interested in the local food movement. Take a peek at the list - you may be surprised to learn of a few books you may not have known about, as they range from locavore classics to more-recent works. Put down your current read and grab one of these titles instead.. you'll thank us later.

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