As we’ve settled into our new co-working office space in the Seaport, we have been fortunate to meet some passionate individuals and companies with a desire to make a real impact, one of which is Boston Collective Delivery.

BCD, a bicycle-based courier service, provides a unique opportunity for our network of freight farmers in the Boston area. The collective already delivers fresh produce throughout the city from a farm in Western Massachusetts, so delivering freshly harvested produce from local freight farms seems like it could be a natural extension of their services.

Across the country, local producers are challenged by the lack of distribution infrastructure available to small scale operations. That’s where BCD comes in - by providing this crucial infrastructure for freight farmers to easily distribute their produce to local markets.

Freight farmers can schedule weekly pickup and delivery, ensuring their product arrives promptly to its destination after being harvested. Farm-to-table could be that much simpler, and it’s a win-win for everyone. Freight farmers can focus on growing without worrying about the logistics of delivery, and consumers get the freshest product. Not to mention it’s a sustainable alternative to trucking produce, as it significantly reduces the carbon footprint and creates a hyper-local supply chain.

To learn more about Boston Collective Delivery visit their website and blog, and be sure to check back for more updates on the progress of this endeavor!