Who is Andrew? This well-travelled adventurist has sailed across the seas (literally) and landed himself at Freight Farms only to continue traveling. Always on the go, Andrew works directly with our new freight farmers to help launch their farms wherever they’re located. His deep appreciation for good food, people and culture is contagious, making him a great fit for working in the LGM and with our farmers. This passionate foodie will get you thinking about food in an entirely new way, so get to know him a little better here:


What is your role at Freight Farms?

Andrew: As a Farm Technician, I work with Jaime to train customers, maintain our headquarters research farms, and give tours of the Leafy Green Machine. Additionally, I help new customers launch their farms and get farming.

What is your background/experience with farming?

Andrew: Well, my background in farming starts really with eating...and cooking. Food is the medium through which I engage many aspects of life from environmentalism, to social justice, to community and art. My explorations of good food led me to work on a small, biodynamic family farm in North Carolina for a year after graduating college where I was able to learn just what it takes to produce the kind of food I love in a smart and ethical way.

What do you enjoy most while freight farming?

Andrew: Transplanting and harvesting. Transplanting because it’s the point at which Freight Farming stands out from traditional farming because instead of going into soil, these seedlings are transplanted into towers where they grow vertically! Harvesting I love the most because this is when all our hard work transforms into food, delicious food. I also love witnessing “dawn” in the farm, when all the lights and daytime systems start up. It feels like the farm coming to life and getting to work growing food.

What excites you most about Freight Farms and the future?

Andrew: I have this exciting vision where Freight Farms become the most effective tools to improve the freshness, quality, and accessibility of all kinds of veggies and herbs. The potential to change the way of eating and living for a large portion of the population is enormous. I think Freight Farms can help spearhead this quality of life and sustainable food production revolution for everyone.

Get ready to hear more from Andrew as he reports from the road! Later this month he'll be on tour with the Leafy Green Machine, so stay tuned for updates!

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