A Look at Your After-Purchase Journey

As soon as you decide to purchase your container farm, you will be introduced to the Client Services team! The team has several years of experience and have successfully launched over 200 farms globally: All this collective expertise will now be just a phone call (or email) away! 

Not only is the team great at offering hardware and software support, but they work proactively to make sure you have everything you need to start farming as quickly and easily as possible. Below, we've outlined the key steps that will help you launch your farm smoothly and set you up for success.

THe six steps to get you farming!

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Meet the Team

The Client Services team will be with you every step of the way, from delivery to launch and beyond! They’ve also compiled the Freight Farming Knowledge Base, complete with all the information you could ever need. Gain access to this information by setting up your farmhand® account!

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Prep Your Site

All your farm site needs is a 50’ x 10’ leveled plot of land with access to water and electricity. Additionally, some farmers will need to get zoning approval from their municipality. Once you have your site ready, we’ll give you the final go-ahead!

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Shake Some Hands

Meet new potential customers, or start finalizing existing deals. Approach people who work in the food business–restaurants, wholesalers, retailers–or people interested in CSA programs. We can provide you with tons of materials to educate customers about your produce to get them excited about container farming and year-round greens.

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Attend Farm Camp

Learn everything you need to know about container farming at Farm Camp! Attend a 2-day seminar in Boston where you will get classroom and in-farm training. After your visit, you will be prepared to operate your farm and grow your business.

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Schedule Delivery

The Client Services team will coordinate all the logistics to make delivery as smooth as possible. Just tell us which day works best for you! We recommend choosing a date within 30 days of completing Farm Camp (so all your training is still fresh in your mind.)

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Launch Your Farm

Plug in, unpack, and get growing! Let us know once you’re all set up so we can introduce you to the Freight Farms community.

some more stuff to know

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Grow Anything but the Garden Variety

Here at Freight Farms, we have successfully grown over 180 varieties of lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, roots, and flowers (this doesn’t include hundreds of other varieties we’ve tested!)

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Join the Network

One of the greatest resources we offer new farmers is access to the wisdom and experience of our seasoned Freight Farmers. Access our forum to hear best practices, ask other farmers for advice, and celebrate your wins with the entire Freight Farms Community.

Get Your Story Out There

Share your story with the Freight Farms Marketing Team! We offer a variety of marketing support, from social media to video profiles. Contact marketing at growfoodhere@freightfarms.com to learn more.