It’s that time again - time to share what’s been on our radar this week. From urban farming to school food projects to halloween costumes, we’re sharing a little bit of everything.


Boston Latin's New Take on Farm-to-School

Today marks the last day of October, and with it, the end of farm-to-school month. This week, the spotlight is on the incredible efforts of Boston Latin School as it becomes a leader in school sustainability education and the farm-to-school movement. The school has been recognized numerous times for its ongoing projects that serve to educate students, staff, and community alike on the importance on local food production, benefits of hydroponic growing, and how to create change in the food environment. Stay tuned for the school’s exciting new project this spring: a student-led CSA!

An Urban Farm Designed to Make One Thing: A Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Is there a such thing as local food being too local? This innovative group of entrepreneurs set out to push the limits of urban farming and show the importance of efficiency behind local food production. In their year-long experiment, the group created an entire urban farm with one purpose: a ham and cheese sandwich. The verdict may not surprise you, but their project helped educate the community about the food system and its flaws.

Five Benefits of Urban Farming

This article lists the five most valuable benefits of urban farming - in a no-fuss sort of way. It’s to the point and serves as a great refresher on why urban farming rocks.

The Twenty “Healthiest” Halloween Costumes

As a healthy eater, you may think that Halloween is a complete loss - but this article proves you can have it all. Whether you have a costume ready to go or need to throw one together at the last minute, there is a way to balance your healthy lifestyle with all that candy - 20 “healthy” costume ideas! We’ve got to hand it to the folks who took their love for fruits and veggies to the next level with costumes - we applaud you! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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