Hey everyone,

Happy Earth Day! As many of you know, this day is dedicated to spreading awareness of environmental issues and initiatives, and with more than half of the world's population living in cities it was only appropriate to make this year's theme all about Green Cities. Later this week we'll give you a look into some of the great projects we're involved with in the city of Boston and how we're doing our part with the global Green Cities initiative, but in the meantime here's an update on what's been going on here at Freight Farms!

Some of you may have noticed we have a new website up… ain't it nice? If you have time to poke around, you should check out the farm configurator - you can now customize your Freight Farm specifically for your needs, whether you're looking to start a new business or use it as an educational tool. But that's not the only thing that has changed... There have been so many new and exciting things happening, and we can't wait to start sharing them with all of you!

This year we released the new 2014 model of the Leafy Green Machine, and by the end of July there will be 20 operating farms across the country. The best part is that the farms are growing produce in such varying climates: from sunny California and frosty Minnesota all the way to New England with its unpredictable weather!

Not only are they scattered across the country, they're operated by people with very diverse backgrounds! Some of our Freight Farmers are individuals who have started an entirely new business around the LGM, like Corner StalkLocal Sprout and Localize. Then there's the Marriott Hotel in New Hampshire that is growing greens to supply their conference center, and Katsiroubas Brothers Fruit and Produce in Boston that is growing their own private label basil.  Pretty cool, right?

The network of Freight Farmers has grown considerably over the past year and will continue to grow stronger as more farms are deployed across the country. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop with the progress and other news so stay tuned for more!