Farm to School Webinar

How Clark University and Sodexo brought food production to campus


In January 2016, Clark University and Sodexo brought Freight Farms’ container farm to campus to provide students the freshest greens possible. Since then, they have been growing hyper-local produce successfully just feet from where it's served.

We interviewed key project stakeholders including Heather Vaillette, the District Manager with Sodexo, Michael Newmark, General Manager of Clark Dining Services, and Nick Pagan, a graduate student and the primary operator of the Leafy Green Machine on campus.

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Learn how Clark and Sodexo created an farm-to-school program on campus.

Benefits of farming On-campus

Hear from Heather and Michael about their motivations and goals for bringing a farm to campus and how Clark and Sodexo came together to make it possible.

Farm logistics, training, and management

The trio discuss site preparation, delivery, logistics, training, and how Clark University successfully integrated the program into Sodexo's Dining Services. Plus, student-farmer Nick illustrates day-to-day farming operations.

Engaging students on campus

Aside from feeding Clark’s students, the university and Sodexo work closely together to engage and educate the campus community about local and sustainable food.

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Webinar Re-Cap

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Case Study

Learn more about Clark University on our dedicated Case Study page, featuring helpful information about site selection, program management, and more.

Campus Trends

Trends on campus show that today’s students are invested in fresh and healthy food, sustainable dining hall initiatives, and diverse options.