Connect with buyers

wholesale, retail, and csa


How does it work?

WhatsGood allows you to sell wholesale or retail in the WhatsGood online Marketplace.

Sellers can use the Marketplace to manage all of their business in one place. This includes product availability, pricing, and pick-up or delivery options.

Marketplace is an inbound channel for wholesale, traditional retail, and CSA customers to reach out to the purveyors who meet their needs. For purveyors looking to be more proactive in expanding their wholesale business, there's Direct Connect. This feature showcases all of your information to wholesalers in your area, making it easier for you to get in front of new buyers. 


What's in it for me?

The biggest benefit for purveyors is launching and expanding your retail and wholesale business.

WhatsGood makes it easy to grow and maintain your network when you aggregate your inventory, pricing, and delivery options in one place.

Real talk: For many Freight Farmers, finding customers is the greatest challenge when starting or expanding their business. This is an important step for your journey to success and we're incredibly excited to be able to offer a solution with WhatsGood! Read our comprehensive customer guide to learn more about potential customer segments.



Which services are included?

Account creation, maintenance, and selling transactions are all included for free when you sign up for WhatsGood! Your free account gives you access to the Marketplace where you will be discoverable to customers looking to source your produce.

Direct Connect is the only paid service. This service allows you to proactively reach out to wholesale customers in your area. Each connection incurs a small free.


Just a reminder: WhatsGood is still growing! Their main market is currently in Northeastern United States, but they're constantly working to expand. Please contact with any questions.