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Market Farmers Videos


Market Farmers Videos


A New Way to grow

With the rapidly-growing demand for fresh and local produce, restaurants, grocers, and wholesalers are eagerly searching for a way to satisfy their customers' needs. Using the Leafy Green Machine™, you can expand your growing operation to offer these businesses local produce year-round.



The Leafy Green Machine™ allows you to extend your season—and of course, your income—into the full calendar year. Our soil farmers always appreciate conveniences like harvesting upright, forgetting about weeds, avoiding pests, and many more.

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Redefine Your Growing Cycle

With the Leafy Green Machine™, it’s always growing season! Grow and sell leafy greens 365 days a year without fear of unexpected frosts, droughts, or even hurricanes. The LGM™ provides a stable base income, allowing more flexibility elsewhere in your business. 


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Optimize Your Farm

Even the most efficient farms tend to have a bit of unproductive square footage. The LGM™ is a simple way to transform that land into a high-efficiency growth space. All you need is a 50’x10’ plot to grow an additional 2–4 tons of produce per year.

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Enjoy Vertical Farming

Studies show, 26% of farmers and ranchers experience chronic back pain, commonly caused by forceful exertions, stooping, and continuous bending. By farming in the LGM™, you can avoid all of these stressors: Our lightweight crop columns attach and detach easily, while planting and harvesting is all performed on the
waist-high worktable.

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Grow More Money Makers

As the name suggests, the Leafy Green Machine™ is optimized to grow leafy greens. While all greens can be profitable, those grown inside the LGM™ are clean, pesticide-free, and available year-round in any climate. These factors help many of our farmers command premium prices.

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From seed to harvest 


Our hydroponic growing system allows you to go from seed to harvest in 4-6 weeks. By staggering your growing operations, you can enjoy 52 harvests a year. 


Seeds are planted on a custom-designed aluminum workstation with an integrated hydroponic setup outfitted with 3,600 seedling sitesebb and flow irrigation, and LED lighting systems. After germination, seedlings are transferred to the farm's vertical towers. The towers have 4,300 mature plant sites where plants are nurtured by an overhead drip irrigation system and strip LED lighting.

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Meet our Freight Farmers

Modern Farmers Serving Their Local community

Our [farm] gives us the ability to sustain a broader product line throughout the year and sustain our revenue and employee base over the winter.
— Jon Shaw of Karma Farm, Monkton, MD
Right now half of our farm is dedicated to our CSA program and the other half is for restaurant and retail sales. It amazes me every week how much we can grow.
— Sarah Ward of Oasis Springs, Nashua, NH


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The Leafy Green Machine™ is a powerful tool that enables our customers to grow fresh food in any climate...

What can grow

As its name implies, the Leafy Green Machine™ is optimized to grow a variety of leafy green crops from lettuces...

Workflow and automation

The LGM™ was designed to maximize the amount of physical space inside the farm. It has a number of features that allow...


    Find customers with whatsgood

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    Freight Farms has partnered with WhatsGood to help our farmers sell their produce wholesale and retail. Find buyers who are invested in purchasing fresh and local food. WhatsGood is easy to set up and use, so register today to find buyers in your area.



    Finance your future

     Sow the seeds ofyour success!

    Sow the seeds ofyour success!


    We understand that financing a new LGM™ can be daunting. We're happy to tell you that we offer several financial packages to meet your needs! 

    As a business owner with farming experience, you’re in a great position to secure low-interest financing and become and Freight Farmer right away.