Your Site, Our Farm




Your Site, Our Farm




Your site, our farm

Leafy Green Machines are operational at a wide variety of business parks, educational campuses, and retail locations around the world. How could a working farm on site change your organization?



Fresh perk for your staff



Unique learning environment



Consistent quality and costs



Food security and safety

real estate


Bring the farm to the table


Video Credit: University of Arkansas




Our farms are small, but their output is truly commercial-grade. In fact, just one Leafy Green Machine is enough to support…

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500+ entrée salads per week

Grow over 500 heads of premium salad greens weekly, with consistent cost and quality.

A weekly CSA for 100+ subscribers

Offer a diverse CSA, farm-share, or co-op program for students, staff, or residents.

Salad bar supply for 100+ diners

In our experience, just one LGM can supply the kitchen or salad bar for a 100-seat cafeteria.



Own or Grown?

There are two ways to bring a Leafy Green Machine to your site:


Leafy Green Machine Purchase

LGMs in operation.jpeg
  • Own and staff your site’s LGM

  • Training available for LGM operators

  • Free support for life


Grown by Freight Farms

  • Our on-site farming service

  • Choose what to grow, we grow it

  • Simplest option


On-Site Farming in Action

On-Site Farming in Action

On-site farming in action

Since freight containers are literally made to travel, Freight Farms can be installed almost anywhere. Here are just a few businesses and institutions benefiting from a Leafy Green Machine on the premises.




B.GOOD installed an LGM right beside their supplier, easily integrating with their existing supply chain.

Dassault Systèmes


Dassault Systèmes enjoys a Farm-to-Office CSA program for 50+ employees at their Waltham, MA campus.

Clark University


Clark University’s student-run LGM is part learning environment, part produce supplier for the cafeteria nearby.

It’s a way to enjoy the flavors of fresh produce like maybe you never have before—this is like having a farmers market right on campus.
— Olivia Engel, Production Manager at Maryville University

Copy of You Can Do This

Copy of You Can Do This

Cut Through the Red Tape


We’ve launched hundreds of Leafy Green Machines all over the world, on countless educational and business campuses. Farming on yours will take a few steps, but we can help with all of them.

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Build Your Vision

How will your people benefit from a farm on the premises? Salad bar supply, an on-site CSA? It’s your call.

Freight Farms_New_Venture_Icon_Site__1

Find Your Site

No construction is required. The Leafy Green Machine requires only a flat plot with access to water & electricity.

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Make Your Investment

We can assist you with financing strategies or lease-to-own contracts. Contact us for more detail.

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Farm Camp

We’ll train your operator at our headquarters in Boston. Or, opt for Grown by Freight Farms, our service option.

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Launch Your Farm

Time for the ribbon-cutting! You’ll start harvesting in as little as 4 weeks, and achieve full production in 8 weeks.


Get The Word Out

Show the world how you’re demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. We can help with marketing prints, e-mails, & PR.



An Opportunity for Growth

There’s a lot more to know: from support services to financial projections. We suggest you start with these links, or reach out to us directly to learn more.


Clark University Webinar

Grown by Freight FArms

Client Services