Farmhand Key Features


Farmhand Key Features

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Everything you need to manage and automate your hydroponic farm

Farmhand® is a complete software platform that allows hydroponic growers to
remotely control farm components, automate tasks, and analyze growing data to make the most of their operation. 

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Monitor Your Farm

Farmhand gives you full visibility into your growing operation—anytime, anywhere. Use our farmhand Connect mobile app or any desktop computer to keep an eye on all sensor data—from nutrient levels and pH, to climate conditions and CO2—and receive a push notification if levels go off-target.

If you need a second set of eyes, our Client Services team can access your farmhand metrics to help you troubleshoot, identify easy fixes, or consult on new farming methods.

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Understand Your Results

With farmhand data analytics and cloud storage, it’s easy to see the relationship between your farm’s settings and resulting harvests. Use farmhand to automatically optimize all growing variables based on the desired crop, and create the perfect environment no matter where you are in the world.

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Improve Your Operation

Farmhand grows with you in more ways that one. Over time, use our harvest tracking tool to weigh crops and pair those results with your farm’s settings and data. Identify the root causes of a particularly successful—or unsuccessful—crop, and tweak your system for next time.

When you’re ready to take things to the next level, upgrade to farmhand Academy, an online curriculum covering everything it takes to be a successful Freight Farmer.


Key features for your grow

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Automation Programming

Automate programs for your LEDs, nutrient dosing, pH management, and climate control features without setting foot inside your farm.

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Real-Time Notifications

If any of your operation’s readings fall outside of their target range, farmhand will push a notification to your mobile device.

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Harvest Tracking

Farmhand connects wirelessly to our Harvest Tracking Scale. Simply weigh your harvests and the results are automatically transmitted to your farmhand account.

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Sensor Data Management

View moment-to-moment readings for air and water temperature, ambient humidity, CO2 levels, and pH in your farm, then make changes if you need to.

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Webcam Connectivity

Farmhand-connected webcams snap a photo every 3 minutes, so you can see changes as they happen. Use the cameras for added security, or stitch the photos together to create time-lapses.

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Business Management

Easily add users as your business expands. Grant each worker a unique and secure farmhand credential, without compromising your important settings or billing information.


Farmhand Add-Ons

Farmhand Add-Ons

 All your growing
needs in one place.



Support Integration

One of the most important ways farmhand can improve your operation is by helping us support you better. With your permission, our Client Services team can tap directly into your farmhand readings and establish the cause of most problems or concerns.



Farmhand Academy

Add to your farmhand subscription with farmhand Academy, a comprehensive learning platform to teach you the intricacies of Freight Farming. Click here to download a brochure describing all of Freight Farms’ training options, including farmhand Academy.

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Farmhand Shop

Farmhand Shop makes it simple to restock your farm supplies so you never run low. We’ve curated a collection of seeds, nutrients, and farm supplies from top hydroponic and indoor gardening brands for you to choose from.

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Farmhand For Freight Farmers

Farmhand is compatible with all Freight Farms container farms, and makes it possible to manage your entire operation from a mobile device or desktop computer. Whether it’s updating settings, reviewing historical data, or optimizing your growing climate, farmhand can help you achieve your full farming potential.


Farmhand For Hydroponic Farmers

You don’t have to be a Freight Farmer to use farmhand! Any greenhouse, warehouse, or other hydroponic operation equipped with a grow controller can modify and track their operation with farmhand.


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