How to find a site

We're dedicated to making sure each new Freight Farmer is successful, and we understand that finding a site is an important aspect of this new venture.

Below are few resources for you to review as you start to think about where you are going to place your farm.



Preparing your site FAQ

Don't worry, we get these a lot!

+ Where can I put a Leafy Green Machine™?

Anywhere! With methods of soilless agriculture and advanced environmental controls, the system is able to deliver consistent harvest regardless of the geographic features.


+ Does the Leafy Green Machine™ operate using solar power?

It's possible, yes! While we do not offer a solar option, some freight farmers are powering their LGM via solar energy.

+ What are the electrical requirements?

The LGM requires a 60 amp, 120/240 volt single phase connection (120/208 volt three phase is also acceptable). If you choose to hardwire we recommend hiring a licensed electrician for installation at the time of delivery.


+ Do I need appproval from my town?

It is important to learn about your local zoning regulations by speaking to a government official in your area. If you have more questions on this topic, check out our blog post all about zoning here.

+ What are the water requirements?

You'll need access to water in order to fill the water tanks inside the LGM. A designated water source is suggested, but it can be achieved with a common garden hose feed as well. The LGM is capable of automatic tank level management.


+ Can I grow in extreme hot or cold climates?

Yes to both. There are LGMs operating in Southern hot climates like Texas, Arizona, and Florida, as well as really cold Northern climates like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and parts of Canada.


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