Grown by freight Farms

A fully-managed on-site farming service


Bring the joy of local, fresh food directly to your community. Freight Farms works with you to install a hydroponic farm at the location of your choice and develop a farming program that meets all your needs!

Get all of the details in our free e-book below!

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The Complete Guide to
Grown By Freight Farms

Find out how we can help you bring your school, office, or restaurant locally grown produce all year long.


What’s Inside the booklet?

Here you’ll find all there is to know about Grown by Freight Farms services, including the extensive crop list, our farming method, available add-ons, and customers already enjoying the program.

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Understand how we farm sustainably and locally in any season or location.

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Get to know your dedicated farmer and all the work they’ll be doing.

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See the quality and variety of produce we can deliver to your people.

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Learn about program add-ons to make the most out of your installation.