All about Freight Farms

How long has Freight Farms been in business?

Freight Farms started building farms in 2013. Since then, we’ve launched 200 farms in 36 U.S. states and 13 countries.

How does the hydroponic container farm work?

Simply stated, our Leafy Green Machine™ (LGM) is the perfect environment for plants to grow. The container protects them from unfavorable weather, the high-efficiency LED lights mimic sunlight, and nutrient-rich water replaces soil. Get all the details here!

How much can you grow?

Our system uses vertical towers to create a high density growing environment. Depending on the crop, one LGM can produce 2-4 tons of produce a year, which is roughly equivalent to 1.8 acres of efficiently managed farmland.

Getting set up

How long does it take to get the program up and running?

We recommend planning for a three month ramp-up period from the date of final payment. This is simply to ensure a smooth start: You may see produce as early as 6 weeks after the farm’s installation, but it usually takes two months to produce advertised yields.

What kind of site preparations do we have to make?

All you need is electricity, water, and 500 sq. ft. of level ground.

What if we don’t have a site?

The great thing about our container farm is that it can go into any underutilized space. So even if there’s no space in your immediate vicinity, we can help you find cheap land for lease nearby.

Smooth operations

Who manages Grown to Share sign-ups and payment processing?

That’s up to you! You may choose to collect sign-ups and process payments internally, or we collect payments directly from subscribers (which would decrease your monthly payment).

What happens if we don’t use all the produce?

This is a great opportunity to donate! There are hundreds of food access organizations that are always looking for fresh food. You can make a one-time donation, or set up a recurring drop-off if you consistently have too much food.

Creating buzz

Can Freight Farms facilitate events and tours?

We sure can! We offer event marketing services for expos, seminars, and talks. Plus, our farmer can facilitate detailed farm tours (however these must be scheduled in advance to avoid conflicting with the harvest schedule).

Can we customize the farm’s exterior?

Absolutely–you can provide your own design, or work with our in-house graphic designer to create a custom design.