We bulk-deliver sustainable and fresh produce to you every week.


Easy integration

Simply tell us what you want to grow and when to deliver it. We'll manage the farm and the farming.

Incorporate your supply of premium greens into an existing salad bar, cafeteria, dining hall, restaurant, or retail operation. Alternatively, use the produce for your own CSA program or on-site farmers market.



Year-round supply

The best thing about sourcing from our controlled-environment farm is that we can grow fresh food all year, regardless of the weather. We make it easy to source local and sustainable produce without additional labor or logistics, so you can have a reliable food supply without ever compromising on quality.


Who's growing to supply?



Industry | Restaurant
Crop | Bibb lettuce
Locations | 50
Volume | 700 heads/week

We love when we can get involved in sustainable farming... We’re excited to be able to source local, sustainable produce year-round from a farm right here in Boston!
— Anthony Ackil, Former CEO of B.GOOD

An great burger needs great lettuce.

Freight Farms partnered with B.GOOD to provide its restaurants with high-quality and local Bibb lettuce every week. This fresh Bibb is used on none other than B.GOOD's "flagship" Cousin Oliver burger, a staple of the menu.


Supply, on the fly

Grown allowed B.GOOD to integrate hydroponic produce seamlessly. By placing a farm on-site at their Boston distributor, we made locally farmed lettuce available at commercial scale, quickly, with minimal disruption to B.GOOD's existing supply chain.


Focused on farmers

B.GOOD decided to enlist the Grown by Freight Farms service to support its “Food with Roots” initiative, where the restaurants source from local farmers and purveyors. We're so proud to help B.GOOD actualize their goals of growing fresh and clean food to feed their customers.


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