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Source Local Produce Year-Round

For years now, local produce has been touted as the gold-standard of fresh food. As public interest grows, many food providers have been left with the dilemma of how to meet the demand. Growing local year-round is impossible in most climates, while long-distance transport compromises freshness...what to do?!

We have a suggestion: leverage innovative vertical farming. Using hydroponic technology, vertical farming can bring you fresh and local food 365 days a year anywhere in the world. The best part? We'll do it for you!


Grown by Freight Farms

Grown by Freight Farms is an onsite farming service: We bring you a vertical container farm, manage the operations, and then you get all the food at the end of the day.

Sustainable, Local Food year-round

Freight Farms’ container farm, The Greenery, shortens the food supply chain and decreases the transportation costs of your food operation.

Engaging Student Programs

The Greenery gives students hands-on learning opportunities to deepen their understanding of the subject matter and develop critical-thinking skills.

Innovative Vertical Farming

Current and prospective students will see your commitment to new and disruptive technologies that benefit the environment. The farm makes students think critically about their food and inspire them to pursue sustainable solutions in their own fields.


Learn how to source locally in our 30 minute free webinar!