webinar: grown by freight farms


About This Webinar

For years now, local produce has been touted as the gold-standard of fresh food. As public interest grows, many food providers have been left with the dilemma of how to meet the demand. Growing local year-round is impossible in most climates, while long-distance transport compromises freshness...what to do?!

In this webinar, we explore how Grown by Freight Farms leverages vertical farming to bring you fresh and local food 365 days a year anywhere in the world.

Webinar Overview

30 mins, Recorded 2/27/19

0:00 - Introduction to Freight Farms & Grown

3:47 - The idea behind our farming service

5:06 - How can your organization benefit?

6:46 - Grown Basics: Farm, Farmer, Food

14:03 - Bulk delivery vs. CSA…which is best?

17:43 - Live Q&A with the audience



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