webinar recording | Hammock greens

About the Webinar

Freight Farms team member Rebecca Shamritsky talks with Thomas Smitherman and Aaron Dreilinger of Hammock Greens about how two restaurant industry veterans found themselves running a six-unit urban farming operation in Miami.

They discuss everything: how they determined their 15-variety Growhouse Mix, how they use farming to bolster underserved Miami communities, and how they were able to grow quickly in just two years.

Plus, check out our comprehensive re-cap!

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5m10s - Hammock Greens Overview

9m20s - Aaron and Thomas’ background

14m10s - Restaurant Customers

24m40s - Community Development in Miami

32m08s - Staffing Strategy

36m52s - Crops and Mix Development

46m13s - Scaling Quickly

57m33s - Live Q&A


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Get to know Andrew

Andrew is a great example for growing and expanding your business! He started with a focus on restaurants, but expanded to a local HEB grocery store.

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Get to know Lizzy

Lizzy and her family are farming in Hawaii, a part of the world that depends mostly on imported food. Lizzy’s business is trying to reintroduce local food to the community.

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