We're farming on your block


Freight Farms' mission has always been to Grow Food Anywhere, including residences like yours! Our farm, the Leafy Green Machine™ can grow crops like lettuces, chards, herbs, and exotic varieties you won't see at the grocery store. Subscribers can take home a one-pound share of our harvest every single week, all conveniently delivered straight to you.

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How Does it Work?


Sign Up

Your payment secures a share of our weekly harvest. Your food is grown by a local farmer in a clean, soil-free environment, without any strange additives or pesticides.


Pick Up

Each week we'll drop off shares at a convenient location on your site for easy pick-up. Every week's share will offer a fresh new mix of local produce to enjoy.


Eat Up

Enjoy fresh greens that haven't been trucked across the country, meaning they'll last much longer in the fridge. Of course, if you can't resist eating them right away, that's okay too.


What's IN Each Share?


Each of your weekly farm shares will be approximately one full pound of fresh produce and, although you'll see new varieties each week, a typical share might look like this...

Freight Farms Harvest-280kb.jpg

3 mini head lettuces

These are specialty, more intensely flavored versions of lettuces you'll know, like Romaine, Bibb, and more.

2 leafy green plants

Here are the crops our farm grows best. Favorites like Arugula, Tatsoi, Kale, Swiss Chard, Sorrel, and more.

1 bundle of herbs

Controlled environment farming means seasonal herbs like Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Cilantro, and Chervil grow year-round.

1 companion crop

Crops like Kohlrabi, Radish, Beet, Fennel, and Calendula are tricky to grow hydroponically, but they're part of what makes Freight Farms stand out.


All About Freight Farms


We manufacture the Leafy Green Machine™, a fully assembled, vertical hydroponic farming system inside a 40-ft. shipping container.

The LGM is capable of growing lettuces, herbs, and hearty greens at commercial scale in any climate or location. Container farming enables any individual, community, or organization to grow fresh produce year-round.