The LGC is designed with all the cutting-edge features of the LGM in a fraction of the size. Inside the insulated container is a pre-built vertical hydroponic system, optimized for the growth of head lettuces and small herbs. The LGC instantly activates any space, inside or out, for local food production. 

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Growth Area

Vertical panels create a high density growing environment and provide space for the maturation of lettuces and small herbs. The rotating structure supports three sections of back-to-back vertical growing panels. Each section telescopes and pivots to allow access to the interior row of panels. 



The LGC is outfitted with an overhead drip irrigation system and a 150 gallon water tank integrated under the floor panels. This responsive, recirculating irrigation system delivers consistent nutrient-rich water to crops. Water conditions are simultaneously measured and controlled through temperature, pH and EC sensors inside the nutrient dosing panel.

LED lights

The LED lighting array is built into the walls, and also stands in the center of the grow area. LED lighting mimics sunlight and delivers growth-optimized spectrums of red and blue - the light spectrums required for photosynthesis - for uniform plant growth.



An HVAC unit controls the temperature inside the LGC, and the insulated container helps maintain optimal conditions for crop growth regardless of outside climate. This automated ventilation system keeps air circulating through the dense growing environment inside the container.

Freight Farms LGC

Dimensions -  10’L x 7’W x 9'H

Exterior - R14 insulated exterior shell

Electricity - 120/240 volt connection

Temperature Control - HVAC unit





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