Room to grow

Designed to be easily implemented and operated, The LGM is a complete farming system delivered ready-to-use for immediate crop production. The modular and stackable design makes it easy to integrate into any operation and add farms to scale quickly. Every LGM comes equipped to handle every aspect of commercial production, from seed to harvest.


Nursery Stage 

Designated system for germination and seedling growth. A custom-designed aluminum workstation with an integrated hydroponic setup for up to 3,600 plant sites. Outfitted with our ebb and flow irrigation and LED lighting system specifically for early stage growth. 



Vertical towers create a high density growing environment inside the farm, providing space for over 4,500 plants in 256 towers. An overhead drip irrigation system and strip LED lighting support crop growth from transplant to harvest. 



farming network

The Leafy Green Machine can be shipped within US and Canada! For international shipping, please contact us for more information.

Freight Farms Farming Network

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