What kind of farmer are you?

Our freight farmers are incredibly diverse in their missions and markets. Some are small business farmers and restaurateurs, others are university staff and wholesale produce distributors. What kind of farmer will you be?





Meet Jerry and Darryl of Vet Veggies, Mitch of Local Sprout, J.J. and Christian of Urban Pastoral, and Shawn and Connie of Corner Stalk. Each of them are reshaping the landscape in their communities, and addressing global issues of food insecurity, nutrition, and sustainability. They are advocating for positive change in our food system by choosing to grow. Hear their stories below:



Freight Farmer Q&A

Hear directly from our farmers about their successes, businesses, customers, and challenges. They are a wealth of information, so get to know them below!

Zach Bain, Lowell Lettuce

Zach Bain of Lowell Lettuce launched his urban farm in the summer of 2016 in Lowell, Massachusetts, and is growing mini-head lettuce, kale, wasabi arugula, and salad mix. Zach is an urban farmer, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant all rolled into one.

Kate Haverkampf of Tassinong Farms is providing the community of Crested Butte, Colorado with fresh produce year-round. In terms of location, Kate is one of our most extreme farmers, growing at an elevation of 8,885 feet.



Redefining Local

With the rapidly-growing demand for fresh, local produce, restaurants, grocers, and wholesalers are eagerly searching for a way to satisfy the needs of their customers. The Freight Farms platform not only acts as an eye-catching showpiece for businesses, but also gives the opportunity to craft and control what produce makes it onto the menu.



In a continuously-urbanizing world, there is a growing need for better access to fresh, healthy produce. Build a hyper-local food network that consistently brings locally-grown produce into urban areas, even throughout the cold winter months. Increasing localized food production not only fosters a sense of community, but boosts the local economy as well.



For the modern school system or corporate campus of today, The Freight Farms platform provides the opportunity to integrate sustainable food production into core business models to make high-quality food a staple of the culture. Create easy access to fresh produce, enhancing student and employee wellness on and off campus.


Freight Farms Grow Food Anywhere 01


The Freight Farms platform enables you to supply local food at the scale you need today while providing the infrastructure for you to easily expand in the future. By providing the tools, infrastructure and support anyone can become a freight farmer, regardless of background experience. 

Freight Farms Grow Food Anywhere 02

Transparency On Your Plates

Growing from seed to harvest allows for greater control over the food supply, and provides a clear story of exactly how food is grown. Using only essential nutrients and non GMO seeds ensures clean, fresh produce.


Fresh produce 365 days

Inside the insulated container is an advanced system for creating the perfect growing environment. Controlled climate conditions facilitate uniform growth independent of the exterior environment, allowing for the growth of a wide variety of lettuces, herbs, and small veggies. 



Delivered ready-to-use and configured for immediate crop production, the modular and stackable design of each unit makes it easy to integrate into any operation. The Freight Farms platform enables you to supply local food at the scale you need today while providing the infrastructure for you to easily expand in the future.

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