Market Your Business


Printed Materials

People’s lives are busy, and the right print materials can be a great way to remind customers to incorporate pre-ordering from your business into their shopping routine. To help customers to continue to associate your quality produce with your brand, WhatsGood will provide you with complimentary informational cards for you to pass out at farmers markets, farm stands, or with delivery orders.


Social Media

One of the best ways to capture customers attention isn’t by telling them about your greens, it’s by showing them! WhatsGood can provide you with all the links and language you need to direct customers to where they can buy the beautiful produce you’re picturing on your social profiles.  Better yet, they'll always re-share your posts through our networks!


Blogs & Blurbs

To save you time and energy, WhatsGood will provide you with customized blurbs for your current communications to direct people to the complete listing of your inventory.



WhatsGood Consulting

Curious about how WhatsGood can help your business? Through a brief consultation, their consultants can get to know your business, support your understanding of the WhatsGood platform, and maximize it's impact on your business in your area.