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Bring the local food movement to your community.

Change the way your school, office, neighborhood, restaurant, non-profit, or hospital engages with local, fresh, and sustainable food.

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We offer two ways to farm in the Greenery

First things first, what kind of program do you want to start?

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Total Control

Purchase and operate the Greenery yourself.
You get full control over the farm programming,
what you grow, and how it’s customized.

This option is right for you if you want to use the Greenery to create education, charity,
or job programs in your community

I want to own it



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Full Service

Freight Farms handles the farming, you handle the greens. We place a Greenery at the location of your choice, staff it, and deliver all the greens to you.

Add a weekly supply of fresh produce to your existing dining operations, or create a CSA program for your students, employees, or residents.

I want the service



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Your Mission

Your Mission

OUr farm, your mission

Whether you’re providing innovative work perks, launching an educational platform, or giving back to the community, the Greenery can help you create meaningful impact.

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+ Promote sustainable development

The Greenery shortens the food supply chain and decreases the transportation costs of your food operation. The container’s insulated nature eliminates the need for herbicides and pesticides, while using significantly less water than conventional farming methods.

The Greenery uses 5-10 gallons of water a day. This is the equivalent of running a dishwasher 1-2 times.


+ Establish engaging educational programs

With real life applications in everything from life sciences to business management, the Greenery gives students hands-on learning opportunities to deepen their understanding of the subject matter and develop critical-thinking skills.

51% of surveyed high school and college students prefer active and immersive learning experiences.

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+ Bring people closer to their food source

The Greenery brings fresh food to any community. Both nutritious and delicious, the produce grown in the Greenery can be harvested with the seedling plugs entact, which extends the plants’ shelf life up to two weeks.

Leafy greens are an excellent source of fiber, folate, vitamins C and K, iron, calcium, and carotenoids.


+ Support robust health and wellness initiatives

Office wellness benefits the employer and the employee. Wellness programs have been shown to improve job performance and decrease absenteeism, while employees view them as great additions to workplace culture.

62% of employees enrolled in workplace wellness programs self-report better productivity. 87% believe wellness has positively impacted their work culture.


+ Generate jobs and evergreen revenue streams

The Greenery can provide meaningful part-time employment to help achieve your program's goals. At-risk youth and adults can gain valuable work experience while making a living wage, or the farm can be operated for profit to create jobs in the community.


+ Provide nutritionally rich food options

Thanks to the Greenery’s smart features, plants are grown in water with an optimal nutrient mixture, and can be eaten the same day as harvest. This level of local production ensures the greens maintain the highest nutritional value possible.

Years of soil depletion has reduced plant nutrition by up to 37%, while cold storage can deplete nutrients by another 50%.


Get Inspired


Hear from our customers


Clark University - webinar

In January 2016, Clark University and Sodexo added a Leafy Green Machine to campus to provide students the freshest greens possible. Since then, they have been growing hyper-local produce successfully just feet from where it's served. Hear about how the farm has been integrated onto Clark’s campus.


university of arkansas - video

University of Arkansas made it its mission is to serve 10,000 students fresh, sustainable, and local food on campus. In 2017, they partnered with Chartwells to bring a farm to campus. Along with serving fresh food, the farm is an educational platform, with students operating the farm.





We’ve compiled all the guides, tools, and testimonials to help you launch your project. Don’t see something you’re looking for?
Contact us!


Choose what to grow

Whether you’re looking to supplement your dining hall, diversify your menu, or grow nutritional staples to feed the community, the Greenery can grow it. We focus on leafy green crops that are traditionally difficult to grow year-round and have a short shelf-life, making them challenging to transport long distance.


The Greenery is optimized to grow over 200 varieties of leafy greens–such as lettuces, brassicas, and herbs–as well as various roots and flowers. See the entire list.

Find your site

The Greenery is compact, climate controlled, and easy to transport by truck or boat. That makes it compatible with any location with access to water and electricity, including vacant lots, rooftops, and even indoor spaces. It’s likely the right site already exists at your location.

+ Your perfect site

All you need is a 50 ft. x 10 ft. plot of land with access to water and electricity (yes, it really is that easy). See our guide for all the details.

+ Site and Delivery Guide

Once you've found the right spot, work with Freight Farms to organize your delivery logistics. Download the comprehensive guide.

Staff the farm

The Greenery requires 10-15 labor hours a week, not including time spent packaging, distributing greens, cleaning, and maintaining the farm. This makes the farm a great platform to create hands-on learning and job opportunities.

+ We can operate for you

Grown by Freight Farms is an on-site managed farming service we offer to organizations in the New England area. The program is simple: you get a farm, you a farmer, you get the greens! Learn more about Grown.

Spread the word

Get the community excited about their new farm. Add a custom farm wrap and logo to make it feel like it belongs on campus, give tours and info sessions, celebrate first harvests, and use cooking demonstrations and signage to educate your eaters about the benefits of hydroponic and locally grown food.

+ Marketing Resources

Use our articles to help guide the conversations around indoor agriculture, container farming, hydroponics, and hyperlocal food.

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Resources by project

K-12 and University

Farm to Campus Guide: Everything you need to launch a successful farm-to-campus program at your school!

10 Reasons Every School Needs a Farm on Campus: Foster sustainability, create hands-on learning opportunities, serve nutritious meals, and more!

+ Customer Profiles

Clark University and Sodexo Case Study

Maryville University Case Study

Boston Latin School Case Study

Stony Brook University NACUFS Sustainability Award

Non-Profits and
CSR Giving

Farming for Good Guide: Our comprehensive non-profit guide helps you build a meaningful program and provides funding resources.

+ Customer Profiles

Sodexo, SEFCU & Others Farming For Good Company Spotlight

Ford, DreamTree & Others Farming for More Than Profit Company Spotlight


What Chefs Say About Hydroponic Greens: Spoiler–they love them! Hear firsthand from executive chefs about why they choose to source greens from a hydroponic farm.

The Value of Hydroponic Produce: Hydroponic greens don’t just taste great, they’re fresher upon arrival, longer-lasting in the walk-in, and safe from common foodborne illnesses.


7 Ways a Greenery Can Improve Your Corporate Campus: The Greenery can help you creating a meaningful corporate culture, expand health and wellness programs, promote sustainability, and more!

+ Customer Profiles

Google Mountain View Campus Business Insider

Everlane & Saitex Press Release


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