Copy of What Kind Of Farmer Are You?


Copy of What Kind Of Farmer Are You?

Anyone can GROW
FOOD Anywhere


Meet Jerry and Darryl of Vet Veggies, Mitch of Local Sprout, J.J. and Christian of Urban Pastoral, and Shawn and Connie of Corner Stalk. Each of them are reshaping the landscape in their communities, and addressing global issues of food insecurity, nutrition, and sustainability - and most of them are doing it with no previous farming experience! Learn more about their successes here:

As soon as someone tastes our greens, it is instant enthusiasm and some recognition that we are farming, albeit modernly.
— Brittany Moreland of Elevated Harvest, Red Lodge, MT
Our [farm] gives us the ability to sustain a broader product line throughout the year and sustain our revenue and employee base over the winter.
— Jon Shaw of Karma Farm, Monkton, MD


GROW Your 

The Freight Farms platform enables you to supply local food at the scale you need today while providing the infrastructure for you to easily expand in the future. By providing the you tools, infrastructure, and support, you can become a Freight Farmer, regardless of background experience. 

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plant. Grow. Profit.

With the rapidly-growing demand for fresh and local produce, restaurants, grocers, wholesalers, and consumers are eagerly searching for a viable, long-term source. The insulated and climate controlled nature of the farm allows you to grow and
sell year-round. With care, attention, and some hard work, you
can see a return on your investment within two years.


Start small, Grow Big.

Delivered ready-to-use for immediate crop production, the modular and stackable design of each unit makes it easy to integrate into your business plan. Whether you are considering the LGM™ as a full-time venture, or a part-time project, our farms enable you to supply local food at the scale you need today while providing the infrastructure for you to easily expand in the future.

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Redefine local

In a continuously-urbanizing world, there is a growing need
for better access to fresh, healthy produce. With Freight Farms, you can build a hyper-local food network that consistently brings locally-grown produce into urban areas, even throughout the
cold winter months. Increasing localized food production not
only fosters a sense of community, but boosts the local
economy as well.



Grow your

Use our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and research to inform your own decisions! We've compiled tons of helpful articles and blog posts to guide you on your Freight Farm journey. 



finance Your future

Sow the seeds of your success!

Sow the seeds of your success!


We at Freight Farms understand that financing a new LGM™ can be daunting. This is why we are happy to tell you that we offer several financial packages to meet your needs! 

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