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With the rapidly-growing demand for fresh and local produce, restaurants, grocers, and wholesalers are eagerly searching for a way to satisfy the needs of their customers. Using the 2017 Leafy Green Machine™, you can expand your growing operation to offer local produce year-round to all of your customers.

Our [farm] gives us the ability to sustain a broader product line throughout the year and sustain our revenue and employee base over the winter.
— Jon Shaw of Karma Farm, Monkton, MD
Right now half of our farm is dedicated to our CSA program and the other half is for restaurant and retail sales. It amazes me every week how much we can grow.
— Sarah Ward of Oasis Springs, Nashua, NH


Room to Grow


Designed to be easily implemented and operated, the 2017 LGM™ is a complete farming system delivered ready-to-use for immediate crop production. The modular and stackable design makes it easy to integrate into any new or existing operation. The LGM™ comes equipped to handle every aspect of commercial production, from seed to harvest.

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Our designated system is designed specifically for germination and seedling growth. A custom-designed aluminum workstation with an integrated hydroponic setup is outfitted with ebb and flow irrigation and LED lighting systems that can nurture up to 3,600 plant sites.


Vertical towers create a high density growing environment inside the farm, providing space for over 4,500 plants in 256 towers. An overhead drip irrigation system and strip LED lighting support crop growth from transplant to harvest.


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Copy of Market Farmers Videos


Grow your

We're dedicated to making it easier for you to maintain and grow your existing farming business. The Freight Farms platform enables you to supply local food by providing the you tools, infrastructure, and support, you can expand your farming business easily. 


Redefine your growing cycle



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The 2017 Leafy Green Machine™ is a powerful tool that enables our customers to grow fresh food in any climate. The LGM™ requires only about twenty hours of labor per week to operate, and uses about 90% less water than traditional farming. The LGM™ also eliminates a lot of the risk and weather variability that traditional farmers face such as having not enough, or too much water and sunlight.

What can grow

As its name implies, the 2017 Leafy Green Machine™ is optimized to grow a variety of leafy green crops from lettuces, to herbs, to heartier greens like kale and swiss chard. However, our farmers have had success with a number of other crops as well. We recommend that in order for farmers to maximize their yields (and profits), they grow one to two crops that can thrive in similar growing environments.

Workflow and automation

The LGM™ was designed to maximize the amount of physical space inside the farm. It has a number of features that allow farmers to have enough space for every step of the farming process. The technology and automation inside the farm simplify the hydroponic growing process, allowing you to work smarter rather than harder. Sensors inside the farm balance temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.