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Copy of Market Farmers


Copy of Market Farmers



Whether it’s to extend their season, diversify their operation, or set themselves apart, farmers across the country are adding Leafy Green Machines to their soil operations.

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Maximize Season Extension

Promise your customers consistent quality and costs regardless of season.

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Only 320 sq. ft.

Conserve your best land while monetizing shady, rocky, or underutilized space.

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Designed for Ergonomics

No more squatting between beds. Seed, transplant, and harvest while standing.

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Proven Profitability

We specialize in high-turnover and cut-and-come-again crops for maximum cash flow.


Copy of Copy of Market Farmers

Copy of Copy of Market Farmers


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Each Leafy Green Machine is capable of growing 2–4 tons of overall biomass output per year depending on crop. With 256 vertical crop columns, plus a generous seedling and/or micro-green nursery, many customers consider one LGM a commercially viable farm in itself.

Freight Farms plant scientists have successfully grown more than 250 crop varieties and counting. Learn more in our crop guide below.



How Much Can You Earn?

The following figures are estimates based on real world data gathered from Freight Farmers. We suggest LGM operators market their crops as a premium product due to its quality and exceptional growing environment.

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For complete detail, including pro forma expense itemizations and unit costs, please view our income projection page.

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Copy of Copy of Market Farmers

Copy of Copy of Market Farmers

Our Culture is Agriculture

We didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. Since 2013, market farmers across the country have successfully incorporated Leafy Green Machines to extend their seasons, hedge against weather or marketplace risks, or even introduce the next generation to farming.


Jon Shaw turned his passion into a business when he opened Karma Farm in 2009. Today, Karma Farm supplies local farm-to-table restaurants in the Baltimore area with fresh and local produce. When Jon's son, Nat, developed an interest in hydroponics, Jon saw an opportunity to diversify his crops and welcome his son into the family business.


In 2016 Brittany Moreland launched Elevated Harvest to offer heirloom varieties of lettuces, leafy greens, and herbs to her community in Red Lodge, Montana. Elevated Harvest offers local, fresh, quality greens year round through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares and at local restaurants, shrinking the distance from farm to fork.


Sasha’s Farm Fresh is dedicated to growing pesticide-free, non-GMO produce for the local community, including schools, universities, culinary institutions and local chefs. They are also in the process of applying for USDA GAP and Organic certifications. Now, their Leafy Green Machine is stationed right next to the quintessential big red barn on a 4.5-acre farm, and it is a beautiful sight.


“I got into agriculture because I thought a lot of the process was messed up and someone had to do something about it,” says Local Sprout's Mitch Hagney. His greens can be found on the menu of numerous restaurants across the San Antonio, and the farm is a staple at the local farmers market.



Never Stop Learning

In farming you either keep learning, or fail. And there’s plenty more to learn about adding a Leafy Green Machine to your farm. We suggest starting with the following pages, or contacting us directly to learn more.

Crop Guide

Income Projection