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Also, we understand Rick is giving you a deal on the CSA program, so please subtract $1,500 from the Total Monthly Fee generated by the calculator.


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First, we need to know how you'd prefer to recieve your produce. We can simply drop it off (that's called Grown to Supply), or manage an entire CSA program on your behalf (that's called Grown to Share).


Grown to Supply

Freight Farms will supply your cafeteria, retail operation, or kitchen with weekly produce deliveries.

  • Beyond-Local Bulk Produce
  • Simplest Option
  • Most Affordable


Grown to Supply is Freight Farms' bulk produce delivery program. Simply tell us what to grow, and we drop it off.

This option is best for existing foodservice operations, like cafeterias or salad bars. It's also a great option if you'd like to implement a CSA program, but prefer to manage the program internally.


Grown to Share

Freight Farms will operate and fully manage an on-site Community Supported Agriculture program for you.

  • Weekly produce "shares" for individuals
  • Up to 100 subscribers per farm
  • Diverse crops without seasonal interruption

Please estimate CSA membership: 50 people

Monthly Premium $1,000


In CSA programs, communities directly support farmers in exchange for recurring deliveries of fresh produce from those farmers.

It's a very popular way to support the local food movement, and programs like this are even starting to launch on the greenest college and business campuses.


The Grown to Share program features an additional option regarding payments: We can bill your organization directly as normal, or we can bill your CSA subscribers individually, in exchange for a monthly statement credit back to the organization itself. With the right terms, it's even possibly to defray your organization's monthly costs entirely.


Standard Payment

Freight Farms will bill your company or institution directly.


The simplest billing option: Freight Farms will collect ongoing payments from your organization directly, and that's it.

From there, your organization may choose to monetize CSA subscriptions internally, or simply absorb some or all of the costs—providing your people with a discounted or free perk.


Optimized Payment

Freight Farms will collect payments from CSA subscribers individually, in exchange for a statement credit back to the company, institution, or organization.

  • You specify CSA membership costs
  • We manage billing support
  • Offset your monthly operating fee

Please charge my people the following amount: $45 /mo.

Monthly Credit $36


If your organization cannot manage individual CSA membership fees, or simply wants to reduce its own Grown montly fee, consider Optimized Billing.

Freight Farms will collect membership fees individually, then apply those funds toward a discount for your organization. The more CSA members, the more you can save.

Total Monthly Fee

Total amount billed directly to your company, organization, or institution on a monthly basis.

One-Time Installation Fee (Appx.)

This is an estimate. Your installation fee will vary based on your distance from our headquarters in Boston.