Freight Farming on Campus: Find out how Sodexo and Clark University are bringing fresh produce on campus

Join us for a live webinar with Clark University and Sodexo on August 10th at 12pm EST to learn how they are working together to tackle the challenge of bringing local food to campus year-round.

In January 2016, Clark University and Sodexo brought the LGM to campus to provide students the freshest greens possible. Since then, they have successfully been growing hyper-local produce just feet from where it's served. Tune in to hear all about how the LGM has been integrated into campus operations.

Our discussion will cover:

  • Introduction to Freight Farms & our food service offerings
  • Benefit of having the LGM on a school's campus
  • Clark University & Sodexo's motivation and goals for bringing the LGM to campus
  • Site preparation, delivery, logistics, and training for a university
  • How Clark University successfully integrated the program into Sodexo's Dining Services
  • How they've been engaging and educating students with this initiative 
  • Day-to-day operations of the LGM by Clark's student freight farmer



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