webinar | Karma Farm

About Karma Farm

A lifelong gardener, Jon Shaw turned his passion into a business and a lifestyle when he opened Karma Farm seven years ago. Since then, Karma has expanded to supply local restaurants and a small CSA program.

When Jon's son, Nat, developed an interest in hydroponics, Jon saw an opportunity to both diversify his crop and welcome his son into the family business.'

On November 16th, 2017, we interviewed Jon and Nat extensively about their experience growing and selling in the Baltimore area.

This webinar covers: 

  • Freight Farms’ key benefits for soil farmers

  • The Shaw family’s farming background

  • Finding customers that value local and sustainable food

  • Pros and cons of different distribution models

  • How adding the LGM has affected the business

  • The quality of hydroponically grown produce

  • Plans for growing in the future

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What Chefs Think

Jon and Nat love working with chefs, but what how do chefs feel about the produce they’re buying? (Hint: they like it!)