Open the Door to the Leafy Green Machine: Take an in-depth look at the LGM with Our Farming Experts


The Leafy Green Machine is a powerful tool for growing fresh produce 365 days a year. And we understand there is a lot to learn about the system before you decide to get growing yourself.

So we want to help! Join us for a chat with Andrew McCue, Farm Systems Expert, and Jaime Silverstein, Crop Specialist, to help you gain a deeper understanding of the LGM.

Our discussion will cover:

  • Shipping Container Farming (structure, design, insulation)

  • Climate Controlled Growing (temperature control, hydroponic growing, LED lighting, automation)

  • Crop Life-cycle (which crops grow best, crop scheduling and programing, growing space)

  • Labor & Support (weekly labor hours, in-person and web support)

  • Yields (weekly harvest data, production by crop)



Our Specialists


Andrew McCue 

Farm Systems Expert

Andrew is the Farm Systems Expert and the office’s resident epicure. An avid home cook, Andrew’s experience with agriculture began with food and his goal to bring better food to more people, in more places, more often imbues his work at Freight Farms with a larger sense of purpose. As the Farm Systems Expert, Andrew has designed training curricula to teach new freight farmers all about their new Leafy Green Machines, and works closely with farmers to optimize the systems in their farm for growing success.

Jaime Silverstein

Crop Specialist

Jaime is Freight Farms’ Crop Specialist and office herbalist. Nicknamed Dirt Worshiper in college, she is now a true hydroponic believer. She has led research on successful crop varieties and conditions to grow in the LGM and has tested over 150 varieties of crops and created specific formulas for leafy green vegetables, such as lettuce, basil, and kale. In addition to working in the office LGM, she works extensively with farmers to ensure they have all the information to grow successfully.