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Fresh greens delivered right to your WeWork location with Grown by Freight Farms.


WeWork Sign Up

Fresh greens delivered right to your WeWork location with Grown by Freight Farms.

WeWork X Freight Farms

a uniQue farm-to-office program directly at your WeWork location

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Program basics

Weekly delivery of fresh greens

Pick up at your WeWork location

Greens delivered less than 24-hours after harvest

$50/month (only $12.50 per box!)

Start date week of July 8th, 2019

24 deliveries between July and December

Hurry…space is limited!



Here’s what to expect from your farm share… Hella fresh greens

Most (90%) of our food comes from California and Arizona, traveling several days before making it to the grocery store. This means most of us New Englanders have never had a fresh salad–our greens are 1-2 weeks old by the time they make it to our fridge, where they continue to deteriorate.

All our greens are locally grown in Boston using hydroponic farming technology. They’re harvested and delivered the same day, making them the freshest option around. You can taste the difference in the plants, and you can see the difference in your fridge. Plus, by growing our food indoors, we can guarantee local and flavorful greens all year long.


Flavor for days

Because our traditional channels transport food across the continent, they prioritize for travel, not for taste or diversity. Grown by Freight Farms doesn’t have to worry about that, so we can provide you more interesting flavors, and delicate summer greens all year long.


Good for you, good for the planet

Local food isn’t just more fresh, nutritious, and better tasting, but it also helps you reduce your food’s carbon footprint by decreasing the distance it has to travel. Additionally, by growing food hydroponically, we’re using 95% less water than traditional farming and no herbicides or pesticides. We also have complete control of the supply chain, meaning full transparency and strict adherence to food safety standards.


WeWork FAQ

WeWork FAQ

 Frequently Asked Questions


+ How long is the program?

Each session is 6 months (24 weeks) long. The program starts the week of July 8th through the week of December 16th. You’ll be setup to auto-renew and we’ll be sure to remind you with plenty of time if you’d prefer to cancel instead.

+ How does pick-up work?

For WeWork offices we’ll be delivering shares on Tuesday afternoons after harvesting that same morning. Shares will be delivered between 2 - 4 pm close to your community manager’s desk.

+ What if I’m out during pick-up?

Since we deliver only once a week, we will not be able to defer pick up on an individual basis (we will find alternate days and notify you if pick-up conflicts with a holiday). If there’s no way around picking up your share, we recommend gifting it to someone in your office.

+ How does payment work?

The cost for the full subscription is due upon sign-up. At $50/month, the full subscription cost is $300.

+ How frequently will I be charged?

Your subscription will automatically renew at 24 weeks unless you decide to cancel. If you don’t cancel in time, we will have already planted your shares of the greens and we won’t be able to retroactively cancel your subscription or issue a refund.

+ How does cancellation work?

All of the program dates are scheduled around the farm’s growing schedule. As an early adopter, you will have the option to cancel within the first month (July 8 - August 2) for a $250 refund and you would still receive shares through those four weeks. After August 2nd, there is no cancellation allowed. However, you would be able to transfer the remainder of your subscription to someone else at a WeWork office.

+ How do I provide input?

After your first month, we’ll begin soliciting periodic feedback to influence what we grow in the WeWork farm. You will see the direct impact roughly 2 months after providing feedback since that is the typical time it takes to grow new crops.

+ How can I get in contact with Freight Farms about my share?

For any and all questions, simply email and the WeWork designated member of our Grown Ops team will provide you with an answer.

+ How often will you be emailing me directly?

We will be reaching out… Once a week, to remind you about pick up and share recipes. Once a month, with reminders to collect feedback. As needed, if there’s any change to the pick up schedule. Towards the end of your subscription, with information about auto-renewal and the cancellation window. And ASAP, in response to any of your emails!