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Explore system features and choose your farm essentials


A complete farming package with a footprint in your size. The most powerful production is now accessible right where you need it. Choose the model that boosts your plant performance.

starting at $70,000

LGM for Education and Research

3600 Plants

Germination + Seedling Racks - Open Climate Mapping System

A transformative tool for teaching, learning and discovery. Unlock the power of plants with this interactive and interdisciplinary platform. Unlimited possibilities await the pioneers of plant science.

starting at $76,000

LGM for Business

4500 Plants

Commercial Propagation Station - Advanced Automation Software

A comprehensive approach to scalable farm deployment and market integration. Maximize production, minimize workflow and keep energy as efficient as your operations.

High Efficiency LED

Our custom-designed proprietary LED lighting system was built specific to plants' needs. Efficient light delivery gives plants all the energy they need with consistency that outperforms the sun.


Additional Blue-LED Seedling Array

Integrated Canopy Light Array

Germination + Seedling Racks

Use supplemental Blue LED light to optimize seedling growing conditions. Develop unique spectrum combinations and lighting schedules to maximize potential growth and influence flavor profiles.


Air quality is an essential part of healthy plant development. The automated climate system regulates your ideal temperature, humidity, airflow, air exchange and climate cycle.


CO2 Package

Environmental Monitoring and Generation

Plants respire oxygen and absorb CO2. Maintaining optimal levels of CO2 prevents plateaus in production, increases yields and shortens growth cycles. Includes CO2 generator, CO2 automation software package and hose attachments (propane tank not included).

Intelligent Irrigation

Now the most novice grower has what it takes to be a hydroponic master. Water composition stays optimal with the assistance of dynamic sensing technology.


Inline Mesh Filters

Fine Grade

Highly recommended to reduce build up of smaller particulates. Inline filters can extend the lifespan of irrigation infrastructure of and can reduce the need for frequent cleaning.


Reverse Osmosis 42 GPH

Recommended For Areas with Water Quality Issues

If you know the quality of water is poor based on your region, we've included this additional water treatment option so that the water entering your farm is starting off at manageable baseline.

Video Access

A high-definition, weather-proof, camera-ready system provides you with peace of mind and freedom to manage production from afar.


No Cameras


4 Cameras

2 Growing Area, 1 Seedling station, 1 Work Area

Monitor the stages of your crop cycles and keep an eye on operations.


8 Cameras

4 Growing Area, 2 Seedling Station, 1 Work Area, 1 Outdoor

Access all areas of growth inside your farm and what's going on outside.


The new LGM is a farm that is as smart as everything else in your life. Monitor air, water, light conditions and equipment. View farm trends and statistics. Set climate parameters. Create environment schedules. Automate climate conditions. Receive notifications and alerts.


Outdoor Climate & Energy

Tailor Energy Use to Atmospheric Conditions

Weather information is critical to operating your farm most efficiently. Monitor power consumption in real-time. Use heating and cooling to your benefit by balancing the indoor conditions with those outside.


Wet Environment Touchscreen


An integrated touchscreen that is able to withstand wet & humid environments.

Farming as a Service

Harness the power of your farm by staying connected and remain stocked with all supplies you need to optimize your business at all times. Never too much, never run short!


SmartFarm Service Plan

3 months included FREE

Cloud Access
• 4G connectivity
• 5 GB of data
• Remote Access
• Cloud Data Storage
• FarmHand Mobile App

Farm Fullfillment
• Ensure that you purchase only the supplies you need: nothing more and nothing less.
• Nutrients, grow plugs, seeds and any other materials you need delivered to your farm to match your business needs.
• Leverage the expertise of our growing community of Freight Farmers to improve your planning and purchasing decisions.


Work smarter, not harder. Taking the feedback we heard from our farmers, these enhancements streamline the process and increase efficiencies.


In-Farm Storage

Multi-shelf Locking Storage Cabinet

Get more storage for your farm goods (seeds, fertilizers, gloves, etc.) with this sturdy, industrial grade, multi-shelf storage cabinet.


Harvest Track

An Extra Set of Hands

Makes it easy to harvest your plants. Move multiple towers at one time to your seeding station and back. Keeps labor costs low and time used wisely.

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