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One of our favorite ways to engage with current and aspiring Freight Farmers is live webinars. Each of these events gives you the opportunity to chat with with real Freight Farmers in real time, and get your questions answered alongside hundreds of other participants. You can find our most recent webinar here, along with the full Freight Farms webinar archive.

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Farm to School: How Vertical Farming Fuels Campus Sustainability, Education, and Employment

Recorded October 21st, 2019

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine uses their campus farm to supply the school with fresh greens year-round while supporting campus sustainability, student employment, and hands-on education initiatives. Featuring SJCME farm operators Hilary Lamkin and Maya Atlas, and student farmers Rebecca Barulli and Billy Schwartz.



Webinar Archive



Scaling an Urban Farm: How Hammock Greens Operates 6 Container Farms in Miami

Recorded July 29th, 2019

Thomas Smitherman and Aaron Dreilinger are two restaurant industry veterans who now operate a six-unit urban farming operation in Miami. We discuss everything from how they determined their 15-variety Growhouse Mix to and how they were able to grow quickly in just two years.


Launching a Successful Second Career with Container Farming

Recorded May 20th, 2019

After 18 years in a successful career, Steve decided it was time to pursue something new. His new career? Hydroponic farmer! We talk with Steve talked all about how he discovered his passion for farming, how he finds customers, and what he grows.


The Evolution of the Vertical Hydroponic Container Farm

Recorded April 11th, 2019

Experience an in-depth tour of the next-generation container farm, the Greenery™. You’ll not only walk through every upgraded component, but learn why it’s there directly from the source: Freight Farms’ Industrial Designer, Derek Baker.


How to Leverage Vertical Farming to Solve Your Local Sourcing Dilemma

Recorded February 27th, 2019

As interest in local food grows, many food providers have been left with the dilemma of how to meet the demand. We explore how Grown by Freight Farms leverages vertical farming to bring you fresh and local food 365 days a year anywhere in the world.


I Just Bought a Freight Farm... Now What?

Recorded February 14th, 2018

Now our Client Services Team gets in touch with you, that's what! No Freight Farmer is ever on their own. Whether you need some extra guidance, education, feedback, or plain old technical support, the Client Services Team has seen it all.


Why Karma Farm Augments its Soil Operation with a Freight Farm

Recorded November 16th, 2017

A lifelong gardener, Jon Shaw turned his passion into a business and a lifestyle when he opened Karma Farm seven years ago. Since then, Karma has expanded to supply local restaurants and a small CSA program.


Freight Farming on Campus

Recorded October 3rd, 2017

In January 2016, Clark University and Sodexo brought a Freight Farm to campus to provide students the freshest greens possible. Since then, they have been growing hyper-local produce successfully just feet from where it's served. Tune in to hear all about how our farm has been integrated into campus operations.


A Freight Farmer’s Journey: How Acre in a Box Became A Successful Urban Farm

Recorded: September 25th, 2017

Andrew Abendshein launched Acre In a Box in 2016 along with the help of three colleagues . The four's combined passion for sustainability and local food was what inspired them to launch their urban hydroponic farming business in downtown Houston.


Opening the Doors to the Leafy Green Machine

Recorded August 21st, 2017

The Leafy Green Machine is a powerful tool for growing fresh produce all year. Farm experts Jaime and Andrew walk you through the entire farm, so you can become a farm expert yourself!

Since publishing this webinar, we’ve built a new model of farm–the Greenery! You can listen to our comprehensive Greenery webinar above, or check it out for yourself.


A Freight Farmer’s Journey: How Agora Greens Launched Their Business

Recorded November 17th, 2016

Ian Brown and David Pendergast founded Agora Greens in the beginning of 2016 and quickly began building a successful business growing fresh produce year-round in Walpole, Massachusetts. Here's how they started their journey.

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