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At Freight Farms, we empower schools to become centers for alternative food solutions by farming directly on campus. Not only does Freight Farms provide high-quality, nutritive, and sustainable food to elevate any campus dining experience, but we also seek to educate students about their food and inspire them to pursue meaningful change in all aspects of their lives.



of college applicants report that access to healthy dining offerings is "absolutely essential” when choosing where to apply.


of students say it is important that their school is transparent about how ingredients are sourced.


of university food operations employees say that healthy menu items appeal to the college students at their school.



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Explore how the Freight Farms Greenery™ can bring fresh, local, and sustainable on-site food production directly to your school. Explore our menu of purchasing and support options to ensure you’re getting the exact school program you need.

Container Farming Makes An Impact

It is easy to boost your campus sustainability, student engagement, and wellness initiatives with a vertical, hydroponic system in a 40-foot container. Easy to use and impervious to seasonal changes, the Greenery is the perfect platform for local food production and educational opportunities.

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Serve Local Year-round

Sourcing food locally yields a fresher, more sustainable, and more nutritious product.

+ Capitalize on freshness and nutrition:

With the Greenery located just minutes from the dining hall, the time from harvest to consumption is a matter of hours–not days. As a result, students get greens with the highest possible levels of essential nutrients; Food service staff can stock the walk-in fridge with greens knowing they will stay fresh for weeks.

+ Promote healthy eating:

Encouraging students to make healthy choices can be as easy as providing them with appealing options. The Greenery’s crisp, flavorful, and beyond-fresh produce is easily distinguishable at the salad bar.

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Encourage Engagement

The flexible space can be transformed into a modern classroom for all types of educational programming.

+ Create a unique classroom experience

Students of all disciplines can get valuable hands-on experience in the Greenery. Just a small selection of potential subjects include: agriculture, biology, business, computer science, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, marketing, organic chemistry, physics, supply chain management, and sustainability.

+ educate the community

The Greenery inspires the student body to value transparency and seek out information about their food’s origins. With the right knowledge, students can make educated decisions at school, and beyond! Educational ideas include farm tours, extracurricular activities, seminars, cooking demonstrations and more.

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Reduce Food Miles

Decrease the impact of your campus food supply chain to create actionable and lasting sustainability impact.

+ Shorten your supply chain

The Greenery immediately shortens the food supply chain, cuts fuel emissions, and decreases the transportation costs of your campus’ food operation by locating the food source directly on-site.

+ Serve clean food

The container’s insulated nature eliminates the need for herbicides and pesticides, which is good for students and for the environment.

+ Save water

The closed-loop hydroponic system uses 99.8% less water than conventional farming methods.