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A campus farm for Everyone


Container farming can elevate any cafeteria, capturing the imagination and interest of kindergarten students, college seniors, and hardworking adults alike. It is never too early or too late to get people (young and old!) interested in health, nutrition, and sustainability!



Grown by Freight Farms is an all-inclusive managed farming service.

Freight Farms Farming Service

The concept is simple: we handle all the farming operations and deliver the produce directly to you every week! Grown by Freight Farms makes it easy to integrate farm-to-table greens in your existing dining operations, or start a CSA for your community.


Grow on Campus

Grow on Campus


Sustainable, local food production directly on campus.

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Freight Farms provides today’s modern corporate, university, or high school campus the opportunity to seamlessly integrate sustainable food production into current operations to make high-quality, local food a staple of the campus culture. Each farm offers a unique flexibility to create tailored programs to meet the specific needs of each campus. Our farms are powerful tools for promoting health and wellness, sustainability and innovation while fostering a culture of social responsibility.



Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by growing food directly on campus year-round.



Promote student and employee health and wellness by serving produce harvested just hours before consumption.


Bring transparency to operations
and educate students and employees on the journey their food takes.

The introduction of the technology not only helps reinforce our ongoing sustainability efforts, but also encourages and inspires students to be more sustainable.
— James O’Connor, Director of Sustainability and Transportation Operations at Stony Brook University
The Farm to Table program at Google is about engaging Googlers and our partners about where food comes from, how it’s grown, and why that matters.
— Christa Essig, Global Program Manager at Google Source: Business Insider






the University of Arkansas

"Actually working in a hydroponic farm makes it so real. That’s why I’ve been so thankful that Chartwells decided to invest in students. Chartwells has invested so much into me, and they want to make sure that students here get involved in things they’re passionate about."

Taylor Pruitt
Student Freight Farmer
University of Arkansas


Stony brook university

"I absolutely love this job–it's not considered a job for me, this is like a fun after-school activity. It's one of the greatest things I've done in this university: just having other people eat freshly grown, organic, crops that we grow."

Stephanie Suh
Student Freight Farmer
Stony Brook University - our first campus farmers!


Maryville university 

"[Fresh Ideas] had a vision of sustainability for the future they wanted to see: not only making and crafting food, but also producing their own food in an efficient, sustainable way...This is a way to enjoy the flavors of fresh produce like maybe you never have before–this is like having a farmers market right on campus and something that your friends and classmates have had a hand in growing."

Olivia Engel
Production Manager
Maryville University


webinar: Freight Farms, Sodexo, and clark university

“An important piece for Sodexo is our ‘Better Tomorrow Plan’ [which] specifically focus on individuals, our communities, and our environment…Freight Farms has given us a great opportunity to have that engagement with students on a higher level, especially with sustainability.”

Heather Vaillette
District Manager, Sodexo Campus Services
and Independent Schools


BLOG: Container farming on campus

Here at Freight Farms, we have worked with over a dozen campuses. Explore how a farm could transform your campus culture and identity!

  • Attract a new generation of students

  • Promote health, wellness, and nutrition

  • Serve the freshest food year-round

  • Provide students with hands-on experience

Read the blog


K - 12



K - 12




Influence a new generation

It's never too early to begin shaping children's creativity and desire to improve the world they are inheriting. With a Freight Farm at your public or private elementary, middle, and high school, you can inspire an new generation of thinkers, farmers, and consumers.



Check Out our School Farmers!

Cumberland High School & Sodexo
Cumberland, Rhode Island

Photo: The Salem News (

Photo: The Salem News (

Salem High School
Salem, Massachusetts


Boston Latin School
Boston, Massachusetts


Trinity High School
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania



Additional Schools