It’s OFFICIAL: Freight Farms goes to college...Stony Brook University to be specific!

We’re thrilled to finally announce the first university campus to integrate the Leafy Green Machine into their dining operations. Stony Brook University, located in New York, is already a leader in sustainability, but recently decided to take things a step further and begin growing food directly next to their dining hall.

Stony Brook’s plan is to have students operate the farm, growing a variety of different lettuces, herbs and hearty greens, exposing both students and faculty to sustainable and innovative methods of food production. Dining services will be using all of the fresh produce to feed the student body, meaning students will be eating produce harvested just hours (or less!) before arriving on their plate ...can you get more local than that?

Everyone is eager to get things growing, and even more excited about the opportunities for engagement and learning that the farm provides.

Freight Farms will provide students with the experience of eating the food they grow while enhancing their knowledge of sustainable agriculture...The introduction of the technology will not only help reinforce our ongoing sustainability efforts, but will also encourage and inspire students to be more sustainable. I’m looking forward to the first harvest this fall.
— James O’Connor, Director of Sustainability and Transportation Operations at Stony Brook

Why now? Students around the country are demanding more sustainably sourced and locally grown food in their dining halls, and dining service teams are responding by embracing new technologies that enable them to do that year-round. To read more about the benefits of having an LGM on campus head right here.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of Stony Brook University and their Leafy Green Machine. Follow them at @stonybrooku for updates!

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