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Financing Options


Financing Options


LET'S TALK finance

We're dedicated to making sure each new Freight Farmer is successful, and we understand that financing is an important aspect of any new venture.

Most new Freight Farmers finance their Leafy Green Machine™ with one of the following methods, and we can help you decide which is right for you.

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Don't worry, we get these a lot.

+ What do you mean by Government Loan?

Many of our customers have secured loans directly from the USDA's Farm Service Agency since LGMs qualify as new farming equipment. These loans typically have the most favorable terms, but the slowest timeline.


+ How do I apply?

Unless you opt for alternate financing with Contain Inc., expect to meet with a loan originator in person. We can help you prepare for this, but in general your lender will want to know about previous farming, business, or food industry experience, plus your financial history. If you're considering a single LGM purchase, your lender may also require proof of additional income.

+ What should I know about bank loans?

A bank loan is the most common way our customers finance new LGMs. Some bank loans can be guaranteed by a third party, such as the Small Business Administration or the Farm Service Agency. These guarantees decrease the lender's risk, and can result in lower interest rates or smaller down payment requirements.


+ Do you offer discounts on multiple LGMs?

We do. The specific terms depend on the number of units purchased and the timing.

+ How does Alternative Financing work?

Freight Farms is a proud partner of Contain Inc., a provider of equipment leases for indoor growers. Since Contain offers online applications and is familiar with Freight Farms' products, the approval process moves quickly.


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+ Can I talk to a real person about this?

Of course! We can guide you all the way through the financing process one-on-one. To get started, reach out to your Freight Farms representative or, if you don't have one, click here to get started.


Ready to get started?

For a lot more information about financing, reach out to your Freight Farms representative or—if you haven't already—fill out the form below.