Case Studies

Read how customers are using the Freight Farms platform to start businesses and feed their communities.

Agora Greens.png

A Freight farmers journey: Agora Greens

Ian Brown and David Pendergast founded Agora Greens in the beginning of 2016 and quickly began building a successful business growing fresh produce year-round in Walpole, Massachusetts. Using the Leafy Green Machine, the two grow a variety of lettuces, herbs and specialty greens for local restaurants, country clubs and farmers markets.


Better Fresh FarmS

Grant Anderson was always excited about fresh, healthy food, so in 2016 he launched Better Fresh Farms to bring produce that was truly local to his community in Guyton, Georgia. Grant is not only passionate about farming but also about making sure that everyone has access to the highest quality food, which is why he donates a portion of his yields to food pantries in his area.


Corner Stalk.png

Corner stalk farm

Shawn and Connie Cooney started their new careers as farmers back in 2013. They now operate the largest urban farm in Boston, Massachusetts, and are staple vendors at the Boston Public Market selling specialty agricultural products to city residents and visitors.

Local Sprout.png

Local sprout

Mitch Hagney is helping propel the local food movement in San Antonio, Texas by cultivating food right in the heart of the city. His farming business, Local Sprout, supplies residents and restaurants with a variety of sustainably grown produce year-round.

Vet Veggies.png

vet veggies

Jerry Martin and Darryl Hill saw an opportunity to help people through a new business venture, Vet Veggies. Their mission is twofold: provide their community in Arkansas with the freshest produce available, and be a resource for veterans transitioning back from the war.


urban pastoral

J.J. Reidy and Christian de Paco are committed to using food as a tool for urban revitalization in Baltimore, Maryland. Through their business, Urban Pastoral, they are building ecosystems of integrated food and agricultural businesses on strategic sites across the city.



Zach Bain of Lowell Lettuce launched his urban farm in the summer of 2016 in Lowell, Massachusetts, and is growing mini-head lettuce, kale, wasabi arugula, and salad mix year-round. Zach is an urban farmer, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant all rolled into one. We recently spoke with him about his experience as a freight farmer, his thoughts on the food system, and his advice to people thinking about becoming freight farmers. 


Boston latin school

This project has given students hands-on learning experience outside of the classroom and allowed them to take ownership over a project from its infancy. These students are becoming experts on the science and engineering of hydroponic agriculture, and they are learning the business and responsibility of running a farm.

Webinar Recap.png

Webinar recap: A Freight farmer's journey

In this webinar recap, two freight farmers share their journey of launching a small business with the LGM. We cover everything from market research and financing to what crops to grow and how to reach new customers.