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Acre in a Box – Houston, TX

Andrew Abendshein and his business partners operate two Leafy Green Machines™ north of downtown Houston. They have several successful restaurant partnerships and a lot of recognition from their community. View the entire case study to learn more about Acre in a Box's origins, business model, future plans, and container farming in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.



Here at Freight Farms, we are proud to work with several talented and hardworking individuals who are running successful small businesses. Learn more about our Freight Farmers by selecting a profile.



Campus Farmers


Clark University & Sodexo – Worcester, MA

In January 2016, Clark University and Sodexo brought the LGM™ to campus to provide students the freshest greens possible. Since then, they have been growing hyper-local produce successfully only 100 yards from where it is served. View the entire case study to learn how  Clark University and Sodexo brought the LGM™ to campus.



Freight Farms partners with many larger institutions such as schools, universities, and corporations, to bring local food production to their communities. Learn more about our Campus Farmers by selecting a profile. 



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